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Lol zipception made my day! :smiley: , I basically put that zip file there for easy access.
It’s been there since version 0.0.1.
But I do have the feeling that it causes a lot of confusion, so I’ll take it out in the next version! :smiley:
Thx for pointing it out @Charlie

@Sairven @Smokauweeds I’ll see what I can do.


20.4 now


I found a bug, I had 4 1337 Devs and I was one myself, I developed a console and before it could get finished the game stopped. By hat I mean that you could still click on stuff but time wasn’t progressing so nothing could happen. I was playing on a server, too. It could possibly be the server mod too, could you please look into compatibiltity? Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: After deleting the Folder inside AppData everything works fine without mods. I also got the Uncaght error, it had sth to do with write, it didn’t show me everything, and I got the error type 3 and 4 after I deleted the mods.

EDIT: After restarting the game and putting the mods back in I tried restoring my backups which didn’t work and now I get the read error again. I would really like to get my backups back so yeah :slight_smile:

EDIT: Clicking anything but the Graphics leveling and stuff gets me the uncaught error

EDIT: Just with the original error the game gets stuck before my second console.


can you create all unlock research (engine, gameplay etc) ?


I get a idea :wink: a button what creates the best engine


Hi Everybody,
in what way am I too clumsy to get this mod? After downloading the Zip Folder CheatMod from github I am told that there is no Archive in this Folder or the File can not be read error.

I refreshed my browser (even used a different one) but I seem to have a broken link or something. Following the step by step guide this is where the journey ends for me:
Next download the latest version of Cheatmod normally cheatmod.zip on Github.

Any tipps or pointers what I am doing wrong are appreciated.



i have a problem i can’t clone the file into github
could you help?


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I am having a big problem with this mod since i started i have tryed everything. when i installed the mod i launched the game and it opens a internet page with this:

If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me :smile:

PS: Steam Version

(function () {
var ready = function () {


var error = function () {

GDT.loadJs(['mods/CheatMod/source/source.js'], ready, error);



Did you put all the files in the right folder?
@Charlie uploaded a video on how to install a mod (using cheatmod as an example), can you try following her tutorial?


I will check the video


@John_Smith Why are you doing that, modding has been out of beta for ages


What has he been doing what?
awnser me.


That is what i was talking about, isn’t that what you had to do in the first modding beta to load the mod


searches threads



If your downloading a mod from github, likely you have used the ‘download zip’ option, the problem is when you unpack it, the word ‘master’ will be added to the folder name and in turn causes the mod to malfunction. Make sure it has not renamed the folder from what the script is calling for.


I want to use the mod, I do what the readme says, but when I open Game Dev Tycoon, it says
Could not load mod nr. 3: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘folder’ of null"