[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104


can you post a screenshot of your mods folder


Here is a gyazo link, essentially a screenshot

  1. Yes, i know what gyazo is, i use it myself :wink:
  2. nothing seems wrong, it should work fine


Well, it doesn’t…

I can’t message him because I don’t see a Personal Message Button on his profile page.

I hope, I’m kind of in the hole in my game…

@kristof1104 Here is what it looked like when I unpacked it http://gyazo.com/5c25568b91b5cfff6e822debbf886c78

I managed to fix it, its all good.
Thanks for the mod btw, was about to go bankrupt :wink:


Thats why i said should, Ask @kristof1104


That’s because your a new user. @kristof1104 will see all this anyways :wink:


@JSJosh Can you create a screenshot of the folder inside /mods/Cheatmod please :slight_smile:


@JSJosh Can you try disabling all mods in the mods menu and then enabling them again?


That new profile icon is really awsome


I can’t use this Mod. I’m unable to unpack the zip with either 7zip or Windows 7’s explorer.


Try winRAR ?


likely just a download issue. I would suggest you try downloading it again. I certainly don’t see an issue extracting it with 7-zip.


I just tried with Winrar and it doesn’t help either. I downloaded it like 5 times…

Can anyone send me their zip file or recompress it and send it to me? Please PM me so I can give you my email.


@kristof1104 Whats the haps mate? hows the changes??


Could you please add ‘Fast-Project’ too? Its killing me, to watch my employees work on a project when I’m just trying to test something :slight_smile:


You have the Tweak Mod


Excuse me? Tweak Mod doesn’t speed up the lab-research process.


Is there a way to get this mod to edit the stats on the characters to a certain value? If not, would that be difficult to implement?


It woudn’t be difficult, but kind of uneccesary I believe.


Well there is the option to make everyone in your team level 10 with 1000 in each stat, but I want to edit the stats so the staff have different weights in design/tech