[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104


I see. Well, you could easily fix that yourself with a little bit of Cheat Engine :slight_smile:


You meant R&D Research? It does.you can speed up game to about 90x faster.


No, I can’t. I have a cluster of event to happen right there, and I need to see if I get the correct amount of money, hype and fans.


does it work for steam run gdt cause i keep on pressing the left mouse button and cheat mode doesnt come up


@comrade It should work with steam, could you post a snapshot of your mods folder


Are you sure you enabled the mod in the mod menu and then restarted the game?


Hey, I put the mod into my mods folder… but it doesn’t show up in my mods list in the game… as in … I can’t activate it… It’s not there >.< help please :c


Post a snapshot of your mods folder


You have to delete the “-master” on the folder :slight_smile:


I did delete the " -Master" part of it. still didnt show up >.<


Please post a snapshot of your mods folder


Is there anyway to make all the hints permanent? instead of having to activate the function every time? I’d rather have the all hints unlocked and play through it normally


sos my mistake messed up the files. thank you for the help though :smiley:


The reason this is not possible, (yet) is because the ‘hint database’ is not accesible by mods. A much better solution would be to add a checkbox with “do you want to enable hints permanetly?”, making the mod automatically unlocking all hints when you start a new game. @kristof1104


i can not get the beta on steam so what should i do


Do you know how to get beta on steam


You dont need to.


can you link me to a vid or something that will help me


You dont need to do anything. Just drop the folder in your mods folder and remove ‘-master’ at the end.


i keep getting this error no matter what i do and time freezes i cant put images yet so here word for word is what it says:
Error Alert
error uncaught error. Please report this to support@greenheargames.com: Uncaught TypeError;
Please Restart the Game
Enalbed Mods: [“gdt-modAPI”,“UltimateLib”,“ExpPackMod”,"CheatMod-kristof1104:]
i cant fix it and need help so if anybody knows how to fix it or the developer of this mod can fix it or knows how to please resond asap because i just got this off the steam summer sale and am dying to play it