ITT: We suggest silly achievements

  • The Biggest Loser - Get an average score of 1 for a game.
  • Appeal It To The Supreme Court - Break so many contracts you get sued.
  • Over Nine Thousand - Gain 9001 fans.
  • Moving With My Auntie And Uncle In Bel-air - Name a game “Fresh Prince”
  • Human Rights Commission - Fire a fully exhausted employee
  • Time To Upgrade To A Housebus - Make 100 million while living in your garage

Ha most of these are funny, but the “Housebus” might be difficult to achieve.


Hahahah very funny achievements.

some other suggestion:

old school: make a text based game on playsystem 4/mboxnext

big spender: spend more than 1 million on a game and trash it

that was your last vacation: fire somebody when he’s in vacation (can’t remember if it’s possible)

finally I don’t want to make game on that console: buy a licence and don’t make any game on that console until it’s out of the market

Dead? : don’t make any game for 5 years

useless console: make a console and don’t make any game on it

nope. : make an MMO and stop the game on the first week


These are all hilarious ideas, keep it up!

  • Too Many Scientists, Not Enough Dictators - Acquire over 10000 research points

It’s Just Bugs! - Make a game with ten times the amount of bugs as technology or design points.


ultimate engine: create an engine with everything in it

small booth madness: buy a small both and get 1 000 000 people coming to see you

weird Inc. : make 10 games with weird combination

I’ve seen this console somewhere: create a console and give it a name of a real console

a bug love: release a game with at least 10 bugs

he didn’t do it, I did! : hire someone famous and make the game he created

oops! : I forgot to name a game

valve can’t count to 3: make only 1 sequel of 3 hit games

topic madness: unlock all the topics


Dare I predict the future? - Create a Sequel of Game Dev Tycoon


Pedobear - Hire someone who is/was a child actor


Forever Alone: Get the second office and don’t hire someone for at least 10 jear’s(Maybe stage 2,3(20 and 30 Jears?)?)


console master: make a game on all the console

the lonely develloper: finish the game without hiring any staff

I’m the worst at this game: loose on your first game

get on my level ! : finish the game without making any game wwith a rating below 5

best.console.ever ! : make 10 game on one console

money maker: get 1 billion of cash

you’re still alive? : reach year 100

hypeman: get 300 hype on a game

hype god: get 5000 hype on a game

simulaception! : make “simulator simulator”

wrong console: make a sonic game on a nintendo console

you’re still alive?!? : make portal 3

close enough: accept a publishing deal and get the minimum score they wanted


Silence is golden: Mute the game

“only a game with rainbow, unicorn, pirate and ninja is better than this game!” ok. : make MLP (My Little Pony) VS pirate ninja

in fact, I don’t need you: hire somebody and fire it immediatly

movie maker: make a movie. (focus on graphics only)

D-D-D-D-D-D-DOUBLE GAME! : realease two game on the market (MMO’s don’t count)

MMOs forever: release 5 MMOs on the market

PC gamer: realease 30 games on the pc

a special game: make 100 games, this one should be special

I’ve seen this game before: make the same game on the same console twice

reborn: make the first sequel of your first game on playsystem 4/Mbox Next

dovahkiin : make skyrim and get a score of 9.5 (IGN’s note)

good ol’ engine! : make a game on playsystem 4/Mbox Next with your first game engine


We Fired Jay Wilson - Make a Dungeon Action/RPG called “Diablo III” and get a score of 9+.

I Blame Kotick - Name your company Blizzard Entertainment, then go bankrupt between year 20 and 30.


The worst rating I have ever given - get an Average Score of exactly 6.

Gamers are stupid - reach 10 Million sales on a game with 20+ bugs and a rating of 1.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature - release a game with more bugs than design/tech average.

Markus Persson Award - make a AAA game by yourself.

  • Bunga Bunga - create a government action/simulation with a score > 9.5
  • who you be? - create a RPG/Casual MMO with > 25M sales
  • I’m not that guy - create an adult game with a R+ rating.
  • it was that helmet guy all along - create a game based on Spaceballs
  • let’s milk the players - publish addon #5 to your most successful MMO



Don’t worry, I got money to burn - Make a game that cost more than 100 times more than its profits.

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They should add the house bus as a viable game dev environment. It’ll be on the move the entire time.

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  • All your base are belong to us - release a game named “Zero Wing” for Vena Oasis.
  • "(Player name) is about to make you his bitch - release a game with +500 hype but full of bugs and bad reviews
  • War absolutely never changes - release the 10th sequel of Fallout
  • “Here’s a lockpick. It might come in handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you.” - release an action game with the dialogue bar at its very minimum
  • “Sharks with fricken laser beams!” - obtain an internal “evil” value of -10 or worse
  • “LEEEEEROY JEEEENKINS!!!” - create any game titled “World of Warcraft”
  • “Massively singleplayer online game” - create an MMO without one of the “online play” or “multiplayer” features enabled
  • “What is this I don’t even?!?!?” - create any hit game using a weird combination without a weird combination trend bonus
  • “Ten again!” - create a 10 rated sequel to a 10 rated game
  • “Ten again, and again!” - created a 10 rated sequel to a 10 rated sequel of a 10 rated game

And add Microprose Labs and Sierra to the “fan” achievement! How were they missed? What is this? I DON’T EVEN!