Achievement Suggestions


Game Dev Tycoon has a good variety of acievements such as selling a certain amount of game copies, Investing a lot of money into an engine and creating a game with a certain name.
Here are some of my ideas for achievements:

  • Sequelitis: Develop 5 sequels to one game
  • What Could Have Been: Name your company “Megaflop Productions”
  • Peak of Perfection: Release a AAA game with a perfect 10 review score
  • Seal of Quality: Develop 10 games with a score of 7 or higher
  • In Name Only: Develop a sequel with a different topic and genre
  • Fan-Tastic: Have 1 million fans
  • You’re Winner: Create a game with the name “Big Rigs”
  • Bound Together: Create a game with the name “Earthbound”
  • Damn I’m Good!: Create a game with the name “Duke Nukem”
  • into dreams…: Create a game with the name “NiGHTS Into Dreams”


I know one!

Good looking: Used the search feature to find simular topics.

ITT: We suggest silly achievements


I’ve got some good achivements:

  • Pirates: Allow players to pirate your game
  • Nope!: Name your game Team Fortress 2
  • Turning Toys to games: Name your game Skylanders
  • Wars with Guilds: Name your MMO Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2
  • DLC Rip-off: Name your game DLC Quest or DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die
  • Crafting Mines: Name your game Minecraft, and have it earn at least a 9
  • A arrow to the knee: Name your game Skyrim
  • Crafting Stars: Name your game Starcraft or Starcraft 2, and must be on the PC.
  • He’s a psycho!: Name your game Borderlands or Borderlands 2
  • The biggest GOTY Edition: Have at least 100 DLCs for a MMO
  • Milking a series: Make 10 sequels to the series and do little change
  • What people expect us to do: Make ten games with the topic Game Dev, and have the company named Greenheart Games.
  • Horrible movie-game: Make a game that’s topic is movies, and have it earn exactly a 4
  • The best console ever: Make a outstanding console!
  • Fired the wrong guy: Fire a Level 30 employee
  • Graphics always make a better game: Have you and your employees specialize in Graphics
  • What’s the story?: Make a RPG game with no story
  • I did it MYSELF!: Make a AAA game all by yourself, successful or not.

These good?


I like most of the achievements, but note that there is already a topic for achievements.

Try to keep the forum clean and do a good search before posting a new topic.

This one is impossible, because you will need 4 employees to get prompted to move to the last office and only there you can research AAA games in the R&D Lab


It is possible… if you fire all your employees so you can get that achievement. But that would be silly… I think nobody is gonna get that achievement if it would be in-game. Only silly achievement hunters. :wink:


Not necessary. You can set your employees to train over and over again (:


@Oscillograph Are you actually reading the replies, or just reply on the last one.

How does training your staff over and over, helps you get:

I did it MYSELF!: Make a AAA game all by yourself, successful or not.


If nobody generates bubbles (because of endless training) except from Player and if Player’s character is set to do all the job in every development stage then why it is incorrect to say that the game was made by himself? :slight_smile:


There will always be a chance that while your trying to set your employee up for new training, he/she might generate a bubble.
And you should have added what you have just said now, so your Original post would have made more sence.