[QUES] Is there any way to create Achievements?


I’ve always wondered if I could make a mod with just tons of achievements. Does anyone know? It would be awesome since I have some interesting achievements in mind.


no… i don’t think so.

If there is. I want to include this list of achievements in that mod.


If you check the GameManager object, i found an Achievements node, i haven’t checked it out yet, but my guess is you can add achievements in game yourself but it wouldn’t trigger any steam achievements, only ingame ones!


Cool! :smile:


Indeed I think you cannot add Steam Achievements but you can shows “notifications” of new ones in game!


Of course you can’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


do you think you know about any tutorials? And @crazycodr, can you tell me about this GameManager object if you check it out? Thanks! :smiley:


Unfortunately I have no Tutorials about that, but I can suggest you to start looking from UI.showAchievements in the codeNw.js.


GameManager is an object in which you can find pretty much all the information you need to work with in the game. Add this as a watch expression in your developper tools and look at the impressive list of things it provides…

One of the first things you can get are achievements!


I’ve created a tutorial for this.


Can you share it? I would love to implement it too!


Go here: Create your own achievement!


That’s really cool!!!

@alphabit: is this already into UltimateLibs?


It’s not in UltimateLib. Maybe I can create a library include achievements and more.