ITT: We suggest silly achievements

  • Game for the benefit cheats - Create a Dance / Action Sim called “Stuck in a wheelchair”

  • Are you deaf? - Make a music game with minimal sound

  • Irish Prison Award - Create a prison sim with maximum stat Open World

  • Bet You Can’t Complete it - Make a large/AAA game with no save option

  • Staring At Breast’s All Day Long - Only hire women for staff

  • Now You’re F**ked - Create an Airline Sim called “Taliban Hijack”

  • You’ll have nightmares - Horror game aimed at kids

  • Speak n Sh*t - Create a Vocabulary / Action game


Ah your music game gives me an idea:

Achievement name:
Requirement: Create a game named “Mario” with 2D graphics v1 and the best sound.

  • The Amnesia Award - Create just the one game and forget to release it

  • DejaVu - Make the same game, for the same system, 10 times in a row

  • Are You On Crack? - Make 10 games in a row that dont match the genre

  • Tourettes Award - Include a swear word in every game title

  • Ass Licker - Name your game "I Love (Star Games / Informed Gamer / Game Hero / All Games)


Call of Battlefield: Make a Military Sim every year for ten years.


Worst game - Make any game with all the sliders on 0.

Garage Warmer - Stay in the garage until you finish the game.

What in the world? - Make an alien/rpg on the pps.


Having the sliders set at 0 would be no different to having the sliders set at maximum!


Great Thread! :sunny:


The “Hitman 47” Award - After your second game is released, just do Contracts for 30 years.


RickRoll’D - Make a Music Casual game named “Never gonna give you up”


“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” - release a game with over 1000 bugs and call it “Featurama”


C-C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER!: Release a sub-9.0 rated game after having three or more 9.0+ games in a row.

Says Who?: Release a 9.0 + rated game with a bad/strange combo WITHOUT the “Strange Combos” trend being active.

FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU: Have a trend end after a game is finished but before the finish button is clicked (during bug fixing) for a game that would have otherwise benefited from that trend.

Hipster: Have a trend start up that matches a game you already have in development.

Master of All: Have a 9.0+ rated game for each of the 6 genres in a single play-through.

Golden Age: Release three 9.0 + rated games in a row.

Don’t Repeat Yourself: Use every single topic in the game exactly once in a single play-through.

Best Game Nobody Played: Release a self-published 9.0+ medium game when you have less than 100k fans.

High Octane Nightmare Fuel: Release a young - audience game with a topic that isn’t good for young gamers.

Strictly Oldschool: Release a perfect 10 game using 2d graphics.

Executive Meddling: Accept a publisher contract that requires you to make a bad-combo game.

Brilliant but Lazy: Have an employee become a specialist, but have less than 200 speed.

On The Job Training: Have an employee hired at level 1 become a specialist.

Insert Achievement Name Here: Release a game with a default name.

Betting on the Longshot: Release a game for the Gamesphere

Master Race: Only develop for the PC for the entire playthrough.

Holiday Rushed: Release a game in Month 11 without fixing ANY bugs.

Gotta Sell 'em All: Release at least one game on every single platform in the game, including one game for a custom-made console.

Last Hurrah: Release a 9.0 + game on a platform that gets taken off the market in the middle of development.

Darker and Edgier: Release a Mature sequel when the original was Young or Everyone focused.

Lighter and Softer: Release a Young sequel when the original was Everyone or Mature focused.

Eureka: Release a game that has a 2.1 exp bonus (New Topic + New Combo + Great Combo + Good Management + Trend Match)

It Prints Money!: Have a custom console capture 20% or more of the market share.

Like a Glove: Release a Multi-genre game with a topic that is good for both genres used.

Thinking Outside the Box: Release a MMO with a topic other than Space, Sci Fi, Medieval, Military or Fantasy.

Unwanted Birthday Gift: Release a 4.75 or lower young focused game.

Family Friendly: Complete an entire play-through without releasing any mature games.

It’s a Trap!: Develop a game for the TES before target audience has been researched.


Back 25 Years: Release a console with no features but ones you earned during your first 3 years with over 50K units sold!
Who Plays This?: Release an MMO with nothing but Gameplay!
I Did It First: Release a game called “Super Mario Bros.” on the NES while starting a week after the release!
Ha Ha!: Release a Military Action game and call it “Dora: The Game”


HD for the win! : do a remake of your first game in HD on playstation 4/Mbox Next

Classics: make Megaman, Super Marios Bros , Super Metroid, Pokemon and Zelda

old games: make tetris, pong, centiped on playstation 4/Mbox Next

NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN… : Make Nyan Cat: the game

Nope. : make team fortress 3

Half-Life + Half-Life = : make “Life”

well that’s self-explanatory: make “I’m a game”

The Sequel: make “I’m a Sequel”

9vasion: make the game “9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors” and get an average score of 9


Book: The Game: Make a game with Story and Dialogues all the way up and the other options at the minimum

Call of BattleCraft: Make a Military-Action-MMO

Now you can afford to buy the rest of the house!: Sell over 1M on a single game while in the garage


visual novel madness: make a visual novels (storys, dialogues and graphics to the max) and give him the name of an existing VN (exemple: katawa shoujo)

the C.A.K.E: make cake mania: portal edition

castle crasher: the sequel : make a sequel to castle crasher called “castle builder”

I like trains: make a train simulator called Train simulator Vs ASDF

APRIL FOOLS! : make a game, go on G3, talk about it everywhere and trash it

is he dead? : don’t do anything. no game, nothing, just wait and enjoy the silence


It Never ENDS!: Develop 75 expansion for a single MMO

Hidden Diamond: Release 100 small games WITHOUT releasing bigger sized games.

Contractor: Finish 100 contracts consecutively without developing any game in between

One Man Army: Develop a game with no employee and have an average review of 9.5 or better

So Unoriginal: Release 5 games in a row with the exact same Genre, Topic, Engine, Game Size, Console, Slider Alocation, and Features. Name and age recommendation is irrelevant


I Like My Indie Medium Rare: Go from Medium to Large games without using publishers.

Skip Quality, Give Quantity: Release 10 games in a row with a rating below 6.

I Can’t Do it Alone: Release 20 games with the help of a publisher.

Wall of Text: Release text base AAA game. ( not sure if possible )

Rusher: Get in the first office in Year 1. ( really hard but possible )

Technical Error: Release a Tech heavy game, with the sliders set for a Design heavy game.

Design Flaw: Release a Design heavy game, with the sliders set for a Tech heavy game.

Hard Learning: Sequel a game with bad reviews, making the sequel even worse.

That’s all i have for now :smiley:


The Good Ol’ Days: Make a Text-Based, Basic sounded (Nothing Else) game on the mBox Next/PS4

Impossib-Ling: Make a Design-heavy based game on the Gameling

Totally Original: Make game names based on real life released game names.

Back To The Future!: Make a Console with 2D V1 and Basic Sounds.

Wheatley is still orbiting the Earth: Make a game called Portal and release a sequel of it, and wait for 6 years and receive this achievement…

Recommending this.

You’re doing it wrong!: Release a title called Mario on a Vena Product, or a title called Sonic the Hedgehog on a Ninvento Console


The Cake was a Lie: Make a game called Cake and make so much Hype of it, and trash the game.

C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!: Make a bad game, make an exact same game as that one for 3 times, and make a great game.

I lost my other glove…: Make a game with Topic that is a great combo with one genre, and a bad combo with the other.

Cowabunga!: Make a Sports-Simulator game named Cannonball.

Oh Dammit, i forgot to paint the Boxart!: Don’t name the game (psst. make it blank or just one spacebar button)

Why the heck did you made this company then?: Don’t make a game until the game ends.

You worthless Employees!: When an Employee is fully exhausted, fire him/her. Rinse and Repeat for 30 years.

A Family Member: Stick to making consoles for one company only. (Ninvento/Vena/Sonny/Micronoft all the way!)


It’s Called Backwards Compatibility!: Make the exact same game over and over and over and over and over…

What is wrong with you?: Make a game as soon as you hire a staff, do not give him/her staff welcome training.

Inspiration: Create a Game Dev/Simulation game called Game Dev Story