ITT: We suggest silly achievements


NOOOOOOO!: Click finish before a bug bubble reaches the counter.

You’re doing it wrong: Assign any specialist to something other than what they’re specialized to (such as a Sound Specialist being assigned to Level Design)

Not Fair! Release 3 games in a row that got a rating of 9.75

How do you even do that? Get a perfect 10 on a game that is not a Great Combo.

Sorry, You Can’t Have It. Have a game with more than 100 Hype… And trash it.

Smoke. We have it. Build a Custom Console that constantly breaks down.

Who left all the lights on? Leave your R&D/Hardware Lab budget up for 3 years, but don’t create anything with them.

It broke my desk. Build a Custom Console with maximum Quality Assurance budget.

License to print money: Have more than 2 MMO’s in operation at the same time.

Soon, you’ll want another screen. Make it to the final office, where every system has 3 screens. (Kinda paying a tribute to myself here. Working in Tri-Wide is impressive, but you always need another screen for playing Game Dev Tycoon while browsing the web)

You, my friend, are evil. When confronted by both the Pirates and the Fan Made game, you sued 'em both.


ARE YOU SHERIOUSH? - Make a Console with Text Based and Basic Sounds.

This. Is. Gaming! - Make a game called 900.

It’s over 9000! - Make a game called 9001

9001 vs Gaming - Make a game called 9001-900 or 8101

Didn’t you go bankrupt? - Make a game that costs all of your money (Possible, very aftergame.), and make it SO HYPED!


Layoffs - Make a terrible game (Avg. Review Score under 3) and fire everyone.

April Fools! - Make a MMO and cancel it straight away (during first week of sales) in M4.

Oops… - Make a AAA game with a strange combination (not during the strange combination trend), with all employees fully exhausted and for the console with the lowest market share.

I like it as is! - Make a MMO and don’t ever make expansion packs for it. The MMO must go for 30 years before getting achievement.

Are you kidding? - Spend $20M on a game and get at a Avg. Review Score of 2.5 or under.

Wow. - Make your first game a hit.

Cutbacks - Make a AAA 3D Graphics V7 game with surround sound and then make a small text based game with basic sounds straight after.


Racist - After finding out that one of the employees you hired is a black/white (depending of the skin color of your character), fire him/her.


The Consequences Will Never Be The Same - Make a game with “cyberbullying” in the title.


-facepalm-: Name your company “Greenheart Games” and make a Game Dev/Simulation game called “Game Dev Tycoon”.


The[quote=“NeighFox, post:46, topic:3754, full:true”]
-facepalm-: Name your company “Greenheart Games” and make a Game Dev/Simulation game called “Game Dev Tycoon”.
How would that work with the other achievements that require the same naming?


That one is already in the game… it’s called ‘Inception’


Total Noob: Go bankrupt in Y1.


Okay… : Go Bankrupt after your first game…


Yo, Noobs, Death has Come for you ^^

Make a Military-Action game that scores 3 or under

Do not Nade Team Mate

Fire an employee directly after achieving “Yo, Noobs, Death has Come for you ^^”

Do not Rage Over Mic

Refuse to do an interview

Do not get Humiliated

Give an interview, Hype a game, and then it scores less than 4

Do not Noobtube

Hype a game that scores 5 or under

Do not Camp

Stay in the second office forever

Are You Blonde?

Name a game with the caps lock on…


Get a score of 1 with a “great combo”


Add every option to a game engine and then release it on the weakest system available…


Get a Score of 10 straight after a Score of 1



Get a score of 10 three times in a row

Selfish Whale

Never give out any of your engines for free until the end of the game

Confident Hypocrite

Always say that your game is going to be a hype game in an interview until the end of the game

Loans never work

Go bankrupt within 2 months after you paid your loan back.

I need Perfection

Search for at least three employees at a 2M budget without hiring any.


Loans are awesome, isn’t it?

Get a loan, do nothing, pay back the loan, and profit.


Best Game Ever- Get an average score of 1.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Finish a game right after you complete Development Stage 3, and don’t fix any bugs/add technology and design points.

These games ain’t good enough

Thrash 3 games in a row.


Get a large G3 booth even though you have no game in development.


Almost a noob

Don’t get any achievements until you finish Game Dev Tycoon.

Bugging Fixes

Get 25 bugs after you complete Dev. Stage 3.

Made an oopsie

Trash a game that would get a score of 10.

I don’t think I have enough disk space

Quit Game Dev Tycoon without saving.


Open and close the pause menu 20 times in a row.


Name a game “Game #1” (or #2, #3… you get the point)

Sorry if those weren’t funny.


Obsessive Fans want MOAR - Release 15 sequels, and get high ratings

Immortal Company - Reach year 500

Lazy Developer - Have a MMO that receives no profit, but still sits in the market.


HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!:Finish Game Dev Tycoon without making a game with an average score of 8.75 or LOWER.


THANK YOU NEWEL GABE: name a sequel called Half-Life 3, Half-Life 3 episode 1, Half-Life 3 episode 2

sorry vonny: fail doing a publishing deal successful with vonny

Dude what the heck?: get 10, 10, 10, 1

fanboy: never develop a game for playsystem or the mbox untill the game finishes

bully man: be a male, and develop all your game for PC untill the game finishes


WHY!?-Go bankrupt right after publishing a game with review scores under 4!
EDIT: I accidentally put no space between go and bankrupt. I fixed it! :grin: