ITT: We suggest silly achievements


Marty, we’re sending you back. BACK TO THE FUTURE : Create BTF: The Game
Politics are boring : Create a government game with a rating under 4
Spider-Piglet! : Create a game called Spider-Pig
Saving Private Pony : Create an Military/ Simulation game called My Little Pony
Transformers Roll In! : Create a Military/Strategy game called Transformers: The Parody


Hollywood: Hire all famous characters
Bollywood : Fire all famous characters
Duplicate : Go bankrupt the same time as Govodore
I’m just making a console : Create the Xbox 2, Playsystem 5, Wuu 2, Nuu 2.
Wot Create a game with all the best attributes, then have have a lower score than 5.
But, what did I do?!? Fire a maxed level worker
That wasn’t me Create a game with a score of 1 on your first game, then restart without saving.


Frustration - Exit the game within 30 seconds of making a game with a rating of 1.
Valve Time - Don’t make a game, go to any conference or do any marketing for 5 years.


I like my company - Get bought by the same company 10 times
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Create a horror game called Santa
Diary of a Wimpy Game Dev - Create a life/sim game with a rating lower than 4
CRL+Z, CRL+Z, CRL+Z!!! - Trash an MMO
** I don’t like publicity** - Never market a game for 15 years.
You just don’t learn! - Create 10 expansion packs for an MMO
Didn’t yo mama tell yo not to swear?!? - Create a game with bad language in the title
Teaching kids the wrong things… - Create a game with bad language in the title, which game is directed at 'Young’
Beat me up, Scotty! - Create a fighting game called Star Trek
Luke, I am your mother - Create a casual space game called Star Wars
!@#$()$#@! Create a game called 'Spam’
Company Who? Stay in the business for 900 years.
Screw math, go video gamez! - Fill all your employee spaces with people you’ve look for through 'Game Demo’
Sorries for bad languages - Create a game in another language
Rorrim, Rorrim no eht llaw, ohw si eht tsiettrp fo meth lla? - Create a game with the name backwards

Sorry for the long list.


HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED: Make a game called Half Life and make only one sequel called Half Life 2.


Im the worst cant be added because you only have one chance to get it, at the beginning, and pretty much everyone has already finished their first game. It could be if you fail by the first game you produce.


So Five Minutes Ago Release a game according to a trend that just ended.
Grammars & Spiling Title a game without proper grammar or spelling. (Ex. Space Blasters/ space blasters or Battlefield/ Batlfeild)


Stealing my lines, now, are we? - Create a game called "That’s Elementary, My Dear"
quid erat quod? - Create a game with the name with latin in it.
What? - This achievement is unobtainable unless you have a game with Unicorns, Rainbows, Pirates, and Ninjas.


eBooks- Make a Text-Based game in a Vocabulary/Simulation game targeted for Everyone in the mPad or/and the grPad.


HighTech Adventure - make an Adventure game with more tech points, then design points
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. - Don’t Invest into new Computers.
Blowfish - Steal 10 Informations
0101000001000011 - release game only on PC
that’s a bloody rip-off - never use a Publisher till the end
Brilliant - Name your game “Game #1


Alternative History - Make Pong a 1 average game
Hello - Wasn’t that meant to be Halo?
FLAF - Let your MMO be available to buy for 10 years
What’s what? - Make 10 expansion packs for 1 MMO
Pretty Blood - Remake the whole Call of Duty series


I DID IT!!!: Install a mod on GDT.
May the randomness of Steam auto update be with you: Switch to Game Dev Tycoon mod support beta without you noticing until now.


I attempted to revive this: Post something here after 7 days.


LOL!: Name your game “League of Legends”


Y U No Work?-Get 10 glitches in 1 day
Only A Game With…-Only a game with Unicorns, Rainbows, Pirates and Ninjas can get this achievement for you.


Legendary Thread - Create a thread on the Game Dev Tycoon forums that is still actively posted in after six months.


This is actually an easter egg game made by naming your game Rainbowcorns VS Pirate Ninjas with a Ninja/Action game. This is also a reference to the review that says “Only a game with Unicorns, Rainbows, Pirates and Ninjas can top this”


IT’S STILL ALIVE!!!: Get this thread to 100 posts.


Working the other way around: Generate more bugs than design and/or tech points.


Epicness Is Not Judged By Fans-Beat the game with no fanbase.