ITT: We suggest silly achievements


You type more faster than the tempo of "Flight of the Bumblebee: Get a staff reach 2000 speed points via training or cheating


I got a few:
PC elitist: make games only for PC(G64 does not count.)
Console fanboy:make games only on consoles.
WHY DO YOU TORTURE US?!?: make a game that has a 9-10 rating and never make a sequel for 30 years.
I wish you never made that: make a sequel to a game that had a rating of 9-10 and get a rating of 1-4.
A console thats like a PC but its not!: make a console called the grid box.


You Bloody Cheater - Use Cheat Mods to get 1000,000,000,000,000 Million money
Steam! Fancy. - Post a screenshot to the GDT community on steam.

Stardate 7.0M UNLCOKED! - This thread has been around for 7 months and is still active.


My ultimate favorite. <3


Too. Much. Mods. Could. Not. Handle. - Have 10 mods at the same time
Simulaception V2 - Make a game Simulator Simulator with topic Simulator and genre Simulator. (I’ll make this!)


iGeek: Develop all of your games on the grPad and the grPhone after it’s release
(AFK): never develop a game from the beginning until you bankrupt
You’re in deep trouble: name your console a real console


Just Wrong: Make a School/Action game
We lo(ath)ve you!: Make a 9+ game, then fire somebody
Labor Outlaws: Have a full staff that are all stressed out.
No :3: Stop a fan game.


ITT struggles: take 5 minutes to think of a achievement for this thread




Achievementer - get an achievement for 5 minutes in first office.

I got four tens before - get 10, 10, 10, 10 in all 4 games

Park Company - Name your company ‘‘Park Company’’ and stay in technology park (office 2) forever.

Half-life Game - get 10, 10, 5, 5, in a game

MMO in maintenance - get your maintenance in MMO more than the profit and do not take it off to 3 years.

Gamma-mester - create 100 games with wrong spelling.

Creepy sounds - make an Horror game with only surround sound and orchestral soundtrack with focusing on sounds only.

Super-Mega-Giga noob - create a game with reading on the wiki.

Whoa, achievements! - get 3 achievements in a row.


Fantasy Bronze: Finish a 35 year game with a score of {blah} after only making Fantasy games.


Brain Surgery Failed - Make the same game twice
What did you say? - Make the same game thrice
It’s for the world - Delete your post in the forums


I WANT PORTAL NOW - release half life 3 with the average score of 1


It’s a feature!


beep - Make a game with a swear word in it, maybe like :green_heart: or maybe :green_heart: (not a real swear)
Great Googley Moogly! - Make a game called "Youtube Fail 2013"
Oh my god i think i broke the game - Use cheatmod and go to the end of the game (depending on your settings)
Okay handhelds back to your cages - After you made a successful game on a handheld, dont make another one on that platform for 5 years
The Heck’s Teamwork? - Just set you on the development of a game


Alright, now let’s toss this out!- Make a game and toss it out. Repeat until you’ve done it 20 times!


LIVE! LIVE!-Revive this thread again.


Well… you achieved that for sure.


Alien Invasion - name your company ‘‘Unknown’’.


Game Review Tycoon-Name your game dev company “All Games”