ITT: We suggest silly achievements


That’s a nightmare i’m going to have tonight.


Terrible Idea, Wonderful Game - Make a well-reviwed game with a “Bad Combination” (like City/RPG or Comedy/Action)


That’s actually a “strange” combination. A bad combination is something that doesn’t go at all.


1st one is impossible, the supporter achievement is unlocked when you make your company


No it isn’t!

South Park: The Stick of Truth


hey! i have this in my mod! But instead of fans, you need to make 9001 games.


Well i said it was a “strange” combination.

I like TSoT!


Popular Game Copier: Make games called Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, and Clumsy Bird.


POOTIS-Make a game called Team Fortress 2


Vindicated by time: Make a good-combination game that used to be a strange combination back in version 1.0 of the game.


Dude Its Way Too Soon To Make Fun Of That - Make a Mystery-Flight/Simulation game called MH370.


That achievement would be impossible to get.


I think people misunderstood the original purpose of this thread. The achievement doesn’t necessarily have to be possible in the current configuration of the game. For example, in my original post, I suggested “break so many contracts you get sued”. That is an example of a silly achievement based on a game feature that doesn’t even exist.


Bald, Bald, Bald, Bald! MY EYES!-Make a game called “The Spongebob Movie Video Game” and set the graphics to the top.


My Brain! IT HURTS! - make puzzle\adventure game called “Stanley Parable”


##O ma gudnes, o ma daym
Make a music/casual game called OH MY DAYM


Stop sleeping!
Revive a thread that no one has posted on it for over 20 days


Wow. such achievement. much game. - Name your character “Doge”


Too Darn Old - Post on an almost year old thread.
Awesome Achievements - Have 120 posts about achievements
You must be a pretty big loser - Name your character, “Loser”.


Reverse Psychology Name a character “Nerfme”