ITT: We suggest silly achievements


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unexpected comeback:
play the game again after at least 1 months and make a game with a rating higher than 7

Lazy Programmer:
make wario ware: DIY

lucky 7:
get a score of 7 three times in a row

a company full of undead:
reach 200 years


Thanks for the help! - Hire an employee, and after they work on one game, fire them
It Works! - Install a mod
That was close - At the near end of developing a game, have the current trend end, which would of hurt the game
Close Save - When a game is losing sales, have G3 or your convention save it from going off the market
Makin’ Bacon - Get a billion dollars
Yep, defiantly helped - Have all but one slide (Dialogue on an action) go bad with the game


It… Works? - Install a mod and De-install it again.
Makin’ BBQ - Get a trillion dollars
Language Phailure - Spell definitely wrong.
Lame Game is Lame - Set everything balanced and not different (all the same level)
Intentional? Nah… - Have 10000 bugs in your game.
“Curly Brace” End Quote. - Make a game called Cave Story.
Fists of Justice - Make a game called Regular Show.
My Best! - Make a game called Lego Island 4.


Some creative ideas guys, GJ! :clap:


Yawn - Make a spelling mistake while its 12 AM


Modding inception- Make a mod that makes mods.


she’s everywhere! : make programming mama

I can’t do anything else! : finish the game using only one genre

have you tried unplugging it and plugging it again? : have more than 100 consoles being repaired

am I dead yet? : make a game on the playsystem 4, Mbox one with a really bad music quality (I wonder if anybody will get the reference)


Oh, C- : Go bankrupt just before the game ends.
MY EARS! : Always make a game with terrible sounds.
Please don’t hurt me : Make a hit game named with bad games’ names IRL. (Like E.T. or SUPERSONICRACINGIWANTTORACESUPERSONICRACIN- Sonic R)
You’re really awesome : Of course i am.


Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing was a masterpiece.


Oh yeah, i posted the name wrong. That game was truly a great piece of art.


Hey, Listen!-Name a game “Ocarina of Time” and have horrible sound quality.


Virtual Noob! - Make your 1st Custom Engine only with 2D Graphic V2
MY BUTT IS ON FIREE! - Make a Military/Action Game and named it "Fire Butt Storm"
No Save - Create a Custom Engine without Savegame
My Life - Make a Life/Sim Game and named it "The CEO’s Life"
Govodore Homey - Make only 1 Game on the G64
TES 64 Homey - Make only 1 Game on the TES 64
I HATE RATED M MOMMY! - Make a Rated M Game on the TES
Ragequit - Get bankrupt before Year 5

ITT: We suggests silly achivements (REVIVED)

Im done with this company. - Dont do anything while in the Final stage of the office.


Duty Calls - Publish a chain of 22 sequels to a game.


Find a way to complain in-game that a game you created in Game Dev Tycoon hasn’t been updated in years; while ironically recognising that Game Dev Tycoon itsself hasn’t been updated lately either.


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One one now?: Release a game dev sim for all phones.

Indie: Only use 2D graphics until the end of the game.

WAA- Take a 10/10 game off the market immediately

Niventive: only develop for Ninvento consoles