Great Game Combos - *SPOILERS*

What combos are known to cause the reviewers to get excited? Which games will actually sell?
I’m hoping to compile a list of popular games that can make your company in GDT profitable.

Size: Small

Target Audience: Young

Topic: Fantasy

Type: RPG

Platform: Gameling

Expected Payout: Between 3M and 5M depending on sliders and fans

Expected Score: 9.5+

Tips: Don’t worry about AI, Graphics, or Sound. Put most of your effort into Story/Quests, Dialogues, Level Design, and World Design.

Anyone else have some good combos?


Not quite as detailed as above, but these are some combo’s that work great;

Space/Strategy - great combo
Fantasy/RPG - great combo
Sport/Simulation - great combo
Military/Action - great combo
Music/Simulation - great combo
Sci-Fi/RPG - great combo
Dev/Simulation - great combo
Casual/Comedy - great combo
Law/Adventure - great combo
Military/Action-Stratedgy - great combo
Rythm/Simulation-Casual - great combo
Mediaval/Action - great combo

Size: Medium
Target Audience: E
Topic: Comedy
Type: Casual
Platform: mBOX 360
Expected Score: 9.5+
Tips: gameplay+,sound+,graphics+,level design+
dialogues-,story/quest-,world design-

dungeon/rpg/strategy - great combo
business/simulation - great combo
ninja: action - great combo

Size: Large
Target Audience: E
Topic: Life
Type: Simulation
Platform: Playstation4
Expected Score: 9.5+
Tips: engine+,gameplay+,level design+, AI +, graphics+, sounds+

Also found SPORT+ACTION is a good combo :smiley:

Topic: Music/Rythm/Movies etc.
Target Audience: Y
Type: Casual
Platform: Gameling
Tips: Gameplay+, Graphics+, AI-
Almost always skyrockets you out of the garage.

This is very detailed… I like it… We should try to do this way, this way, I think it will be very accurate to get the best sales/score then just a generic Fantasy/RPG…

GoodJob EvoGamer

Check this out:

yes, Im using this also… but a game for mbox with X genre may not be as good on Playsystem…

I got 7/7/6/6 from this exact combination. How weird.

I got 4x 10 with a casual dance game for the playstation. All sliders in gameplay and sound.
And I got 3x 10 and 1x 9 with RPG Fantasy, and SIM Military.

Yep. Again, followed the Casual Dance with sliders. 7 across the board.
What system did you do it for? I did Playstatus, and Everyone.

Well I just looked at my games rated 10 and the Sim Military was on the NES. Couldn’t reproduce on Playstation (with sequal, only got 7.5), RPG Fantasy I tested, scores over 9 pretty much all the time regardless of console. Casual Dance varies a lot, I did it on the Gameboy (lol? Dance game on gameboy…) Anyhow, some combos are hard to reproduce, there seems to be too much randomness and or not enough feedback and statistics about it.

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My two best games with 9-10 score and making over 1M was a Military/Strategy on TES and a Sports/Casual on SuperTES.

I made a Sci-Fi Action game for the Gameling, targeted at Young Audiences, and got a 9.75 total. That franchise became one of three major franchises of my company, and not only skyrocketed my out of the garage, but gave me about 7M to jumpstart Stage 2.

The next big hit was a Steampunk Adventure/RPG for the PC, at Mature Audiences. From that point on the company basically specialized in RPG games. This franchise churned out about 5 games over the years, each getting at least 8’s.

Finally, a publisher deal struck the final franchise which worked… Werewolf/Action/Adventure

Basically went down the Playsystem Route.

Yet to get a perfect 10.

Ill try some of these later today, i followed most of that wiki and i still seem to suck/fail :confused:
The sliders throw me off and seem to be the main cause i struggle :frowning:

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So far, I know that mimicking certain real life series works wonders if you know the right console and era to upload them.

RL game: Persona series
Size: Medium/Large
Target Audience: Y/E
Topic: School
Type: RPG/Strategy
Platform: gameling, playsystem 1 - 3, PPS, Wuu (if you release one on each platform)
Expected Score: 9.5+
Tips: + gameplay, + story, + dialogue,+ level design, +world, - engine

RL Game: Fallout series
Size: Medium/Large
Target Audience: M
Topic: Post Apocalyptic
Type: Action/RPG
Platform: PC
Expected Score: 9.5+
Tips: + engine, + game, + world design, + AI, + graphics, - Dialogue (though bolster it with Egine dialogues)

RL Game: MGS
Size: Small/Medium/Large
Target Audience: E, M
Topic: Spy
Type: Action
Platform: Gameling, PlaySystem 1 - 3, PPS
Expected Score: 9 +
Tips: + gameplay, + engine, + Level design, + AI, + graphics, + sound, - story, - dialogue (though bolster both if you can through engine mechanics).

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I’ll try some of these later as well. In my second run I managed to make two big hit games, one being casual another being a vampire RPG aimed at mature audiences. What I want to know is, based on the RL stuff in the above post…

How can I make… visual novels aimed at mature audiences? I’m only in the small office at the moment and haven’t really specialized in anything yet. I hope visual novels are an option. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hate to break it to you but visual novels never come up per se. You get plenty of topics that would suit a visual novel - romance, mystery, detective etc - but the closest I could think to actually making one is to focus on the genre being adventure. Great adventure settings are all about dialogue, story, world design at the expense of level design and AI. That sounds a lot like a vis novel to me. Any of the three mentioned above all work well when marketed to mature audiences (I even got a round of 9s from a Romance Adventure aimed at adults on PC late in Stage 2). Hope this helps!

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