[Game] Hardware Tycoon


Any new news? I am more hyped for hardware tycoon than GTA V PC


Not really active, just waiting for a response on PM so I go in every once in a while to check. If you have any questions, please post on Twitter ( www.twitter.com/stian_furu ) or Steam (stianthedark).

Its being remade using a proper game engine. I am using jMonkeyEngine to render it. Even though its bit of an overkill on such a simple game, it will allow for advanced graphics and threading.


I really do like the early screens that you posted though :smiley:


@Stian can i test?



It will remain pretty similar to the first screenshots, although this new version will feature a lot better graphics and it will be a “game”. The thing that bothered me before was that I used a GUI library to create an entire game.


I am sorry, we are full on testers. If you follow me on Twitter you can get information on when our public release will be! :slight_smile: Understand that this game will no longer be free. I love open source software, but I would love to finally take a step into the real game industry. I will in the end charge around 5 dollars. Note that this is at least 1-2 years from now. Me and my team are already working on the game.


if you are going to charge 5 dollars it better be worth it


It would be worth the five dollars at launch. That is the idea. You pay as much as its worth. Game Dev Tycoon is more expensive. And as I provide so much open source software, one paid title is justifiable in my opinion.


its just that it goes from free to play to paid game so i hope its going to be worth it


It hasnt gone from anything. Its a remake.


what do you mean by remake? i was talking about that you started off saying that it were going to be free but changed it to be a paid game :confused:


I said that in the beginning, but frankly I cant make a game like that. I wont have a motivation, thus I wont develop a lot. If you think its bad that its paid, check your Steam library. All those games costed money, all those games were played. They deserve the money. So do I if you play my game.


thats not what im talking about but nevermind no reason to discuss that


Probably necro’d… soo [GAME IDEA] Project: Console Dev Sim [HIATUS]


Was this necro’d?
I wanna help if it wasn’t



Just thought I’d mention :wink: Also, (thanks to @janch32 for the shadow effect)

All made in wonderful nwjs!

I’m gonna have to do a strawpoll again, as I struggle to focus on one project when I have no flying idea what people want :slight_smile:



DANG IT i thought we could still alpha test guess i was like a year late




Linux, my friend.




… you make it with something that supports Linux? Those Visual Studio noob tools only work on Windows because Microsoft.