[Game] Hardware Tycoon


A “pro” is a like a guy who learned how the computer works and how the C:\Windows files do and work
At least that is IMO


The files in the windows directory are only binary, and I already know how they work. But you will never learn binary, thats not a thing.


I wonder why you chosen C# instead of C, C++, Java, Python, F#, Delphi, or any other programming language.



this doesn’t even… nvm.

Because C# is a easy-to-learn language that isn’t too limited.


Because I chose it. Boom.

Why did you choose C++ instead of C#, Java, Python or Delphi?


Is there a problem with using F# ? If you don’t believe me that it exist then search it up. Not trying to be rude but I’m assuming that you don’t think that it’s a real thing.

@Stian Well different programming languages have advantages over another language and do you plan on porting the game over to Linux, Macs, Ubuntu, ect… ?


I’m a heavy supporter of multi platform games, but C# is not only with .NET. I will port it over to Java and OpenGL, but not yet.

EDIT: F# is math, nothing else really.


Well it’s still a programming language so it’s better than nothing and are you going to make sure that this game doesn’t eat up too much RAM ?


I doubt this game will use much RAM.


True, just code wisely and you’ll be fine



I’m suprised myself I know how to code. I’m only 13, newly. Already learnt OpenGL!


don’t be surprised… you worked hard to learn then it doesnt matter what age you are

unless you are like 5 years old


I was always interested in coding since Habbo retros(wouldn’t expect you guys to know what that is but look it up if you want) so I was around 12 at that time. I must say that coding is something that I want pursue as a career.


God damn Habbo! Remember it :stuck_out_tongue: I had a girlfriend who gave me the key to her apartment in the cellar.


Good old times with Habbo by the way sorry for going off topic, any new updates?


I’m working on the actual game right now :wink: Got a few problems with allowing people to create instances in Javascript. Might just make mods go via C#, we’ll see.


Screw the universe.

Mods will be written in C# using Roslyn, I think. To execute.


Any updates to the game? Maybe a test version that’s available? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There arent any special updates, apart from bugs :wink: