[Game] Hardware Tycoon


could take a look at his youtube channel left a message in his latest video answer me please


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The stream starts really soon!


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da stream is over :frowning:


Update: Log

So, to make it easier for modders to detect errors and players to report errors I have added an advanced logging mechanism. I’m really going slow with this game for now, only because I want to make everything perfect. As I’ve mentioned before, the game will be Open-Source only with a certain limitation. This means that the code should be good and understandable. The biggest problem I have is comments. I forget to make comments all the time, so… :stuck_out_tongue: I will provide you with a small video of my progress soon.

Thanks for being patient! Not that you can demand anything, this game is free :stuck_out_tongue:


I just realized that the “signing for alpha” is closed.
And. The art tho

I am waiting for the game, hopefully you will finish it someday…



This time around it’s going incredibly smoothly. I got around to adding Noesis Javascript and VLC .NET, so yay!

To make it simpler to incorporate audio etc. to the game, I decided to create classes for every action. Example:

  • Audio
  • Company
  • Save

and many more. This will make it simple to load and write saves, (and change the saving mechanism) considering everything is done using a single object instead of a bunch of variables. The code this time around is extremely clean, and I’m very proud of it! I’m trying to comment as much as possible, but hey :stuck_out_tongue: Its easy to forget in the rush. I’ve also decided that I will use the normal Windows borders for the launcher, just because I dont want to handle the exiting. I figured Microsoft got that handled :wink:

I’ve updated my imaginary mod API documentation with:

(“Objects” will have to be instantiated, “Classes” are static)

Save Object:

.money (int)

.followers (int)

.year (int)

.month (int)

.week (int)

.day (int)

SaveFile Class:

Save loadSaveFile(string saveName)

void writeSaveFile(string companyName, Image logo, int money, int year, int month, int week, int day, string saveName)

Audio Object:
(has a constructor with the “audioFile” parameter. Simply a string with the audio file. It will only look in the “Audio” folder of the game.)

void Start(bool loop)

void Stop()

Only with .wav files, will look into expanding it later.

Log Class:

void PushLog(string msg)

void ShowLog()

And… yeah! That should be it.


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I ain’t no a consumer…
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Guess why? I havent released it yet.

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Thank you.


I had no clue a 13 year old was making this game intel a little Scottish/British kid started cussing in a video on him making the game launcher man i actually thought you were 16-18 because of how awesome this game looks!




I’m sure he will be a pro PC guy in the future


In the “future”!? Are you implying I’m not pro as it stands!?