[Game] Hardware Tycoon



WTF!? Did you even read the topic before you changed the title? Please! This is not a concept.

@everyone else


You wont believe how messy the old code was. I didn’t understand it myself :stuck_out_tongue: So, I decided to remake it. This time, super organized. This means that there will be a slight delay, but its worth it. This time around I use Visual Studio 2013, so thats a plus!


Looks cool :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry Stian I thought it was a Game Concept when I looked at the pictures with ideas just going into it


You should notify me and at least give me a chance to respond. Also, you should look at the topic!


The video about the creation of the new launcher will be up shortly! The reason I use so much time on the launcher is that the experience will be smoother than if I decided to cram everything in a options menu ingame.

PS! Sorry that I forgot how to create a “foreach” statement into the video! My fault!


You’re building the game in C#, but using Javascript for the API? How’s that going to work?



Best library ever.


I didnt know 13 year old boys can use that program!
I thought only someone such as @DzjengisKhan would use that!



I’m guessing you are around 12-13 too! That means you can’t use that program according to you… Akwaaaard…


I’ll be streaming a little bit of programming Monday at 5 PM GMT +1.


Are gonna do it ALL about the programing? or a bit about the games?


I’m only gonna be programming, but it wont be boring I promise! :stuck_out_tongue:


Programming is NEVER boring


Esepcially when its me we’re talking about :3


Looks cool! Have fun developing a game in a software making program though. I recommend a game engine but, this still works. And I just want to give you one basic programming tip:
If you don’t already, make sure to comment your code if you are working with other people. It can be annoying for someone else to try and figure out what something in your code means without comments. I know this first hand.


Thanks for the tips!

This is not considered as a “game” really. This is more of a learn C# program than anything else. I know a lot of Unity 3D but I’m waiting for Unity 5 with the new UI.


download ?


you could choose the release date for launch when a piece or something like that?



There is no download, but I will stream the programming at 5 o’ clock CET GMT +1


:('ll Be in school