[Game] Hardware Tycoon


Hardware Tycoon

by NanoSoft.
  • Create your own hardware company at any point between 1970 to 2000!

  • Design parts, consoles and PC’s!

  • A fully moddable experience

  • Dynamic world with wars, elections and economic events!


Not copyrighted music, it will work perfectly.
(Kevin MacLeoud)

Game Console Tycoon

Could you create hardware parts? Like processors, etc. (In a cartoon style)


I’ll keep my eye on this.


What would you say if I took the eye and hid it in a box?


I would SAY “it’s dark in here”


best credit ever ;-;


You should be proud. Credits in a nutshell:


and one graphic by wavejones


yes, basic is emphasized reaaaaaalllllllyyyyy hard.


Exactly, very simple xD


so many replies at once ;-;


I need them zoomed in. Front view. Squared. (100x100, 270x270, 500x500)


Alright then :wink:


The front aren’t to bad :slight_smile: Btw, you only need to make one high-res picture.
It was only sample resolutions. As long as they are squared its fine.


The best.





mm, i’ll do 900x900


Slightly simpler :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way, I will release the sample Mod API soon if anyones interested.


No, I meant “that is simpler than 8K”


Any suggested API features I’ll add?


That will happen, in a “this company will have this logo” way.