[Game] Hardware Tycoon


I was thinking UI, stuff like that.


If you want I’ll test it.


I want to test it :wink:


i just wish i had the spare time to make the chips ;-;


The thing is… I\m only 13 years old. I cant really put anything on Steam Greenlight. Also, it uses purely the .NET library so it wouldn’t be considered a “game” by Fraps and Bandicam.


Ah, alright then


Anyone experienced in C# who knows how to create a public instance of a class?


Oh, never mind! I just found out about static functions :stuck_out_tongue:




That looks so realistic.


I detect sarcasm??


wat? dem lies.


i just had a feeling of sarcasm xD


I’ve ran into a bug which will take a while. The UI updating makes the game unresponsive. I need to fix this somehow, but we’ll see.

But everything else works fine for now!





You can use Steam Greenlight? I can’t seem to find anywhere in their ‘Greenlight ToS’ that age matters? It does cost money though :i.


Technically I can use it, but considering this game is free I dont see a reason to. I might sell it later on, however. But not on Steam.




You can make a game free on Greenlight. Or do you just not want to pay money for a thing that is going to be free anyways?


Why would I pay 90 dollars so that you can enjoy the game on Steam? I just dont get that one.