[Game] Hardware Tycoon


Guess what.

Guess f*king what!

I literally jumped out of my chair when it worked.

I’ll work some more on the actual game and then I’ll show you a full modding API.




I signed up for alpha :smiley:


I’ve applied to the testing :smiley:
Also, would you be interested in more art work or is @KizzaGaming enough??
It looks great so far BTW :slight_smile:


I would love to help with art work also , i have alot of experience from making art with game maker.


All alpha testers are picked. Form closed.


omg… i was just about to send in my application but i was 2 min too late…


I was only going to accept 3 people anyway, so I would have chose them at that point :wink:


why only 3… i mean if you get feedback from more people the better :stuck_out_tongue: just my thought


Its not only tester, its being a member of the team.


Please, accept me I i like tycoon games, with alpha/beta test i have experience I tested Train Fever and GamersGomakers a give developers a Big useful feedback…


member of the team? I myself it is only tester


@Domik297 He’s picked all the testers


am i allowed to ask who got chosen? :stuck_out_tongue:




Seems awesome, when can I test it? =D


Only three?



You wont be able to until the release.


Because people like you wouldn’t join the team, only test it. And it is not in a playable state yet.


thats why we wanted to apply -.- wasn’t that what the application form was made for?


Damn :frowning: