[Game] Hardware Tycoon


I’m not going to discuss what my form was about.



you sent me a pm message about it, does that mean i am tester?


Yes you are.


Latest screenshots:


I’ll be posting a lot of updates on


EDIT: The early modding API is now available!


I really like the new screens. Brings you back to the DOS days :smile:


Dont know if I should take that as a compliment or not :stuck_out_tongue:


Its a good compliment haha


By the way I might have some hardware pics that could interest you. PM me


Do you have any approximate time when the game will be done? Looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a game, not a mod


I think there will be a somewhat playable version available in January, 2015. (to the public)


What programming language is being used? I think JavaScript. Correct me if I am wrong. Also, any libraries being used? And what are Intergraded Development Environment are you using if any?(that also means IDE) I don’t know much programming outside of Unity3D in C# but I was just wondering these details.


I believe he is using C#


Well the only reason I ask is because on post 80 or 81 it says “Latest Screenshot” and it also says “Mods” and then the file extension was .js which is JavaScript if you didn’t know. But, I was just wondering how it was being made because I have wanted to make a Tycoon game before but I don’t ever know where to begin. I don’t know if using an IDE is best or if using a game engine is best.


Yep, game is made in C#

And yes, i knew JS is JavaScript, i did make mods for GDT


Okay. Thanks for letting me know. And isn’t @Stian the coder?


Hi :smiley:

@KizzaGaming is part of the team, but I’m the coder yes. The game is made using Visual C# 2010. Mods will be made in JavaScript, because of the simple layout. If you have any questions what so ever, dont hesitate to ask me through a PM!

  • Stian



We’re switching from 2008 to 2013! (Visual Studio) Yey! Although this will result in an absolute mess in the code.