[Game] Hardware Tycoon


I would recommend you work on government…


Scrapped that, again. I have done a lot of things, and had a lot of working demo’s. But guess what - no-one likes any of them and thats why I end up switching ideas all the time.


Woahhhhhh. I want the feature in GDT to be more expansive, and this is making my dream come true.


But @Stian, you’re not angry or something?


Whaddumean? Because your game only supports Windows? I don’t care about that, as I didn’t like SystemZ :stuck_out_tongue: (not meant offensively, its great work! But I didn’t like it)


So… Does this mean that Hardware Tycoon is… Alive? :open_mouth: @Stian




I believe he is referring to SystemZ, the game @Haxor made. @brianmods


Yes. I think…
@Stian no, I mean that I’m working on the same type of game.


I dont care, because Linux.


@Stian So, what? Is the game being developed anymore? And is it a Linux only exclusive?


Oh goodness. Yes it is, and no its on all platforms.


Shweet! Don’t hate me, I use PC… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh goodness again. I wont even respond, and I never hated you.


But Linux can be on PCs either…



I’ve never heard of a Linux distribution that can’t be run on a PC.




I thought of that while making the post, but technically thats not a Linux distribution. Its more of a Linux “fork”.


Any one here


8 months later, we get this single comment