[WIP] Website mod : create your own website!

Download mod

If you create a “let’s play” on this mod or necks talk to another place (forum, blog …), put a link to this topic.

R&D lab researchs :
-Own website
-Donation system
-Avatar centralization

Please report bugs.


So… does that only adds researches?

It’s up there… if you looked better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know. That Alpha 0.0.1 But I cant Download.

Click on it… it’s mediafire. It works fine for me. ;p

I dont know is that forum, or my Internet, But I have big lags, and… I cant do anything.

It’s your internet, I can download it easy and quickly. And yes, it’s my mod.

I know it is… but does it adds only R&D Researches?

Yes, but suggestions are welcome.

xD you only have to do that when you do a let’s play with his mod on :stuck_out_tongue:

Because you are using solal2003 mod. If you cannot put a link in for the persons mod, then you are taking credit for the persons mod. How would you like it if you made a mod and no one said you made it?

If you make a Let’s Play using his mod, it’s only polite to put a link to his mod in the description. I really think more people should offer more information in the description of their videos than what they tend to.

where do I download this mod!

I’d like to see some screenshots before downloading it, but I’m that curious to see what this mod is about :smiley:

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I am getting this error at startup.

And the mod doesn’t work after startup.

I am unable to correct this without bug report full. Please copy/paste the report and use the console :

Well mr. Tyler. You’re the highlight of what people mean when people are impolite. This guy has taken days/weeks to make this mod and when you use it and monetize it it’s very polite to say ‘‘this awesome mod is made by …’’. You’ve taken 20 minutes the time to make a video and using someone else’s content in it while the content creator has taken days/weeks to make the content for you to use it. The people that think like you are just ungrateful and impolite people. I can’t stand them… get off youtube you…!


this is the error I get:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token return mods/Website%20Mod/script.js:5

Did you make the mod? Not that I know of, but if you spent months creating this and someone comes a long and makes a video using the mod, and doesn’t give credit or specifing who created it. The person who created the mod, monetizes the video to generate a profit. Therefore, are taking the credit for the mod.

Its not an “Advertisment” if you dont even know what its for!