[WIP] Website mod : create your own website!


Problem is, it is copyrighted. All content, no matter who makes it, is copyrighted. From the World Intellectual Property Organization :"[Copyright] thus underlines the fact, recognized in most laws, that the author has certain specific rights in his creation which only he can exercise … a created work is considered protected as soon as it exists, and a public register of copyright protected works is not necessary…"
Yes, this is a game mod, and the author of the mod does not exercise intellectual jurisdiction over the game, but to a certain extent the content of the mod is that author’s original work. By not including the game mod link in your description, you are deny the mod maker recognition for their work. [quote=“Tyler_Moore, post:23, topic:9759”]
I am not making any money using the mod. I am making money off the game.

This statement is not entirely correct. You are making money off unique gameplay, originating from a mod, which sets you apart from the many other YouTuber’s making GDT videos. In order to properly credit all parties responsible for the creation of the unique game that you play (i.e. not a vanilla game, but a modded game which is different from other copies) you must credit both the developer of the original software and the developer of the mod which made your unique gameplay possible. Also, the components of the base game are not wholly developed by the developer of the game, not unlike modding, Greenheart used many libraries and tools in order to make GDT possible. Much could be learned from GDT’s own credits page, which gives links to all others intellectual property.


Making our own website is not a tough task right now. There are several platforms like WordPress out there where you can easily create your own website without any hassle. Also there are several online tutorials and discussions out there by which you can easily make your own website. If you are unable to find one such tutorial then visit buildsitenow.com and read the detail information for it.


This is a mod to make a website IN THE GAME, not on the real internet… read before you speak people! -_-


MOD for MAKING A WEBSITE? lol. I wonder how it will look.


Merely listing mods is to deny the mod maker recognition for their work. It is common courtesy to link where the mod originated from.


No it is not. What authority do you have to curtail my free speech? Might I remind you that your original comment was:

That does not say “I’m listing the mods in the description”. It says that you believe that the mod is not important enough to be cited as a feature of the gameplay. Might I mention that you only relented to the position that you will only list the mods upon a backlash from the very community that you are attempting to market to. Do what you want with your videos, but , you will not be fully giving credit where credit is due. If mod makers are not credited for their work, which you are potentially making money off of, there is not an incentive to make mods anymore. Personally, I will never visit or subscribe to a channel which does not fully cite those responsible for it’s original content.


Of course, it is the only option which will allow full exposure to the mod maker


You guys have actually just ruined an amazing mod’s forum page, GG guys, GG


Jesus mate just link this page to your videos it isn’t that hard. The time it takes for you to link this fourm post doesn’t even come close to the time he spent working on this for free


linking a person’s mod is a matter of simply copying a link and pasting the link you copied from the mod page into the description and so what if its not the hardest to make this type of mod its just feels good when somebody gives you credit for the work that you have created


would anyone help me im getting some kind of error it says : Uncaught syntaxserror : unexpected token return and im sure that the mod is causing the error because when i disable the mod i dont get the error anymore


You’re an idiot. All I have to say about your stupid behavior. You have to link every mod and you know it.


I correct this bug but the mod doesn’t work. I don’t know how repair this second bug.


Oh :confused: Can you correct this bug ? :frowning: This mod is very good and i can’t active this one :frowning:


Has anyone actually been able to play this mod? Screenshots?




the mod does not work, I tried to fix the bug, but the mod still does not work after the bug fix, but the error message has gone


I Would love to see this mod as a finish/completed one.


Admin note - This mod has been reported as ‘not working’.
The author was last active on the 5th January.


Did the author quit?