[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


yeah I haven’t been around for a while so I think the API may have changed I havent looked at it in a fairly long time.
If there are two mods it should work, you just need them to have different names.


The API hasn’t changed, but your JavaScript code is broken.


Update A1.1

Thanks to Stian’s helpful reports the topics are now created correctly, and you can have multiple topics.
I have added a space blocker so you cant add spaces to the Mods name, I have added a topic checker so you can’t have multiple copies of one topic.

The source code editor is also online now and can be used.

The UI has been changed to help people understand how everything works.

The UI was also anchored so you can change the windows size.


Dev Build A1.2 Released

This build is under development and not recommended BUT…

There is now full js support in the source code editor.


How about dots? How about commas? How about =? You can’t just check for space.


Haha forgot about those.


You’re breaking a license. https://github.com/PavelTorgashov/FastColoredTextBox/blob/master/license.txt


You also say that your mod maker are for the newbies. How would the newbies edit their topics? You just add it to the source code.


.Net Framework 4.5.2+

I don’t know.

Until then, have fun making mods for GDT with ease!


omg I bet your soo jelly!


lol yes, I’m jealous over a platform dependent mod maker that uses the .NET Framework.


I’m not sure what your point is on any of this and the only reason the source editor is there isn’t forcing anyone to use it it’s for people that do understand that stuff to be able to change that kind of stuff or add there own modifications that the program hasn’t added yet. You can still make topics and finish the mod easily without using the source editor


I could use the source editor.


You are still breaking a license. You include a program that person has made under the GPL and isn’t crediting the person on the download page.


I get that, in fact I’m working on a new text editor so just be patient it is a dev build


You can’t just “wait” with licenses. You are doing something illegal.


I’ll take it down.


Replaced the source code editor. If you have any complaints about giving credit, the credit is on my website.


I’m just trying to get you not-in jail.


I get that I never saw the license