[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


The UltimateModMaker is under a total redesign. Its being built back from the ground up.
This is being done to have a more clean cut system and clean coding experience for when this program becomes open source. I am planning on releasing the code the same day the program is re released with this new Alpha.

Testing will be held someday soon. The current program is a work in progress. There is currently no working version yet but there will be soon. If you’d be interested in being an Alpha tester either PM me or comment below.

System Requirements

Platforms: Windows

System Requirements:


Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 7
  • .Net Framework 4


When will it be on linux?
Well Linux is a complicated matter, for now I’d say no. But go ahead and check out @Stian 's Mod Maker

Known Bugs

Not released.


<src="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/38de9b2ac960340207e4f1835c6241033013890d.PNG" width=“690” height=“366”>

New Website

Old Website (Contains download links for older versions)


Lead Coder - @SnowyOwl
Lead Designer - @iSenzo

  • Events
  • Researches
  • Achievements / Notifications
  • GUI (Advanced)
  • Test Mode (With advanced In-game testing tools)
  • Full Delete, Modify support on everything
  • Custom GDT / js syntax highlighting in the source editor (For Coders)

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Why no one comments???


someone already beat you too it

That doesn t mean this mod maker can t be better then UME…its very hard to beat UME but maybe he can do it :wink:

In the Netherlands I was the modding head of a modding group that created mods for all sorts of games.

FBOTD was a mod for minecraft for example, there were some very big mods before we entered the market, but we were devloping good updates and later we were the biggest one (In the Netherlands) :wink:

So, if he works hard enough and listen to his users then it can happen that he beats UME :wink:

@Aswin_Vos i know he could make a better one, i didn’t say that. I said "someone already beat you too it " .

Haha you are right :wink:
So its @SnowyOwl job to let us see that he can be better :stuck_out_tongue:

We already have UME

Quick Pic Update

Looks really good keep up the hard work :smile:

The RPG picture isn’t very accurate… RPG means “roleplaying game” in this case and you put a rocket propelled grenade launcher picture there :wink:

Keep up the good work though, sadly I don’t have a Mac to try it.

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it’ll be on windows to, and i know but rpg is a gun rpg game is a shooting game guns are on rpg games.

Shooters are action games. RPGs are games with a huge fictional world, like Final Fantasy :wink:

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now everyone can make his own mod fitting his needs! keep it up like that! i would buy you something but…

i thought this is a joke, cause you know… rpg (game) and rpg (rocket propelled grenade launcher)…

The only thing that bugs me about those screenshots is how the font is too big for the buttons. You should perhaps make it a little bit smaller?

I have it like that because i think its cool
i can remove it if majority wants it.


Update 0.2 of the GDT Legend Prototype has been published on github for downloading! Go to https://github.com/SnowyOwl47/GDT-Legend.git to download. But it is only for mac!