[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


Then why would you ever want to code on a phone if you have a PC? Weird s’all I’m saying.


I do not know, just a little idea only


or maybe he has windows on his nextgen iPhone 9


If you’re remaking the mod maker for Windows, why don’t you use something like JavaScript, Java or Python so you can easily get it on other platforms too? And then being able to have one codebase for several platforms.


Well not to be rude but Java is a piece of shit. I’ve learned it before it’s a crappy language sure it’s for all OS’ but it’s still a piece of shit.

I will do what I want to do you can do what you want to do.


I didn’t just mention Java. My point is, it’s a lot easier and better for the users if you have one codebase for all platforms. Python, JavaScript (Node) and Java works on all the platforms.


Well I started a course on JS. Whats so bad about it?


Javascript =/= Java.


In programmers terms; !=


I’m a maths man myself…




get smokt on


Windows Version (Dev A1) released

Hey sorry for the delay I had a problem with making this program on windows. Somehow all the code got reset when I was just about finished so I had to restart.

But now heres the final product for a small development build!

NOTICE you can only create some topics as this is only a development build.



adf.ly? Not okay.


Also, Dropbox told me your name so… Now I know your name.


Why are there only three positions on the topic sliders? Why can you set the version as a string? Why doesn’t the application scale? Does this also happen on Mac?


@Sian I don’t know if your trying to bring my application down or just tell me what you think. Version can set as a string because versions on mods sometimes aren’t just 1s and 0s for instance my application is version A1 I’m not sure if that would work in GDT mod but it should I see no reason why not. Scaling doesn’t work because I turned it off I don’t want to deal with that when there isn’t much of a reason for a mod maker. The reason why there’s only 3 positions is because I have automatically set up Amazing, Good, and Bad. The top is amazing which is = 1 and so on.

This modmaker is made for people with no coding experience be able to make miss. On the Mac version there are different modes. I haven’t added those modes to Windows yet but there’s 3 modes, Simple, Advanced and Developer. Developer is only for my use and is disabled for everyone else’. But Simple is a mode that makes everything you do super simple. As it is now in the Windows version I will later add the advanced mode allowing you to change everything to the exact way you want it. Modifications doesn’t work either because I didn’t have time to do that yet. Having the entire project get reset got me set back a lot and therefore took up time for me that could’ve let me have done the loading system, modifications as the modes. Now the loading system and modifications are already almost done they are just disabled in this version for not being fully functional.

Yes add.ly there’s no problem with it. It’s my own programs and my own website.


Why would I try to “take down” a free mod maker? That makes no sense.

Also, some input boxes don’t have a default, the actual JS code the mod maker shows doesn’t work, and the UI is unbelievable confusing. To the point where I thought the program was broken. These are suggestions I think you should work off of, instead of saying “haters gonna hate, I’ll do it my way”. Scaling is important, because you’ve enabled scaling. The program can scale, but the UI doesn’t scale.


I am taking your feedback and using it for the modmaker, buttons will now be made with text. Things will be more organized.

And I am going to test mods that the programs make before I publish an update.


You should read up on JavaScript and the modding API. Also, with the current code, if there are two mods made using this mod maker loaded at once they won’t work.