[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


Random Platforms mod (by me)
Ultimate Lib


Ultimate Lib is broken, why do you have it?


Look by steam, that is the Ultimate Lib, some mods need this


All mods with ultimate lib won’t work ultimate lib and every mod made with it is broken supposedly


I have start the game without the Ultimate lib, it not work it, the Ultimate Lib is not the problem


I’m not sure then. I’ve checked over my topic making code and platform making code with the modding Api and other people mods I’ve never seen an is custom or whatever.


I most install the game new, thats the key!


Is English your first language?


He just said it isn’t


No, my first language is German.


Development of UMM Update

Hey guys I have been very busy lately and I would love someone to be added to my team.

With job and all, I have been very busy. So please consider the following!

IF your a skilled C# programmer and would like to help me out click this link

Thank you, if you apply it would be gratefully appreciatted


Nice progress here!


Hey your back!!! :grin:


you’re* xdddddddd

also he wasn’t away at all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


Away? Who started these rumours?


Me and the others…
Anyway back on-topic


What would you like to see in the next update?

Hey guys scroll to the top of this forum page to vote!


I’m thinking of stopping work on support for GDT and moving on to another game like minecraft, until there next game is announced.

The reason for this is if there next game is a GDT 2 then I wouldn’t want to put all my free time into something that won’t ever be used for the first GDT.


will you still post updates on here?


Well depends, is there really a need to post updates on here if I stop working on any game related to GHG until the next game comes out?

So probably not.