[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


Found the bug, its very small so please give me time to fix all these


So technically your bug is on your end not mine. I mean I could put up measures to make sure this bug never happens and I will in fact.

Your problem is your adding commas or , to the starting units and ending units. You are only suppose to use periods / dots or .


I exported a mod I made and put it into my mods folder, when launched the game does this

care to explain?


Can you show us the code?


I have not set commas i have only the “.addPlatformultimatemodmaker” maked to “.addPlaform”!
more I have not done!


What your saying makes no sense speedy.


That’s a bug with changing the mods name. I’m sorry guys I haven’t been able to put much work into the program. I’ve got a job


@speedy_242 , @Jediwolf , @ShadowedDeath

I have released an update that should have fully fixed the mod name changing bug.


If i realesed the mod on steam stand by “status” "invalid Game dev tycoon Mod"
ps: i have the updatet version!
before the update was this sometimes but now is this always!


Stop testing your mods by putting it on steam. Your making tons of mods on steam that is like spamming mods.

I’m not sure what your doing every single mod I make works perfectly fine.

Can I see your code?


Hire the download link:Mod
and I delete old mods that not work it!


Use periods(.)


0.015 = 15,000

Because the units are in millions so

1 = 1 million
0.1 = 100 thousand
0.01 = 10 thousand
0.001 = 1 thousand


and Suddenly work it the mod! Thanks, its a amazing service from your side!


Ha ha your welcome. If you have any more problems just tell me.


It works fine for me. @SnowyOwl


It works fine now.


@ShadowedDeath and @chizbejoe

That’s because I updated the program and fixed it


Ok, my next problem is this error, with my mod, the mod work it to the moment where the G3 will start, its a error massage: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isCustom’ of null”


Whats your enabled mods?