[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


where will you make a thread for minecraft?


Minecraft Forums, probably. But I think I’m going to take a break from this program for a little.

Will release source code just in case.


yo yo. @SnowyOwl. How’s the mod maker going?


He decided not to finish it. (the GDT part)


cries likes a baby



The UltimateModMaker is under a total redesign. Its being built back from the ground up.
This is being done to have a more clean cut system and clean coding experience for when this program becomes open source. I am planning on releasing the code the same day the program is re released with this new Alpha.

Testing will be held someday soon. The current program is a work in progress. There is currently no working version yet but there will be soon. If you’d be interested in being an Alpha tester either PM me or comment below.


Yaaaay, i want to be a Alpha tester @SnowyOwl !


Quick Update

Sorry for no updates on whats going on but to keep everyones interest I’ll show a few things.

Artwork not official

A new launcher with this splash screen launches to check for updates and apply them.

Artwork not official

The Main Menu of the program will be a log in screen and yes it will remember your login. It will also display patch notes and future updates.

Artwork not official

The source code editor will be see through and will support JS. It will also let you add your own new .js files.


THANK YOU for everything! BUT your github link is broken. Any knowledge when that’ll be repaired?


Dayum, any hope it will work on windows XP? :frowning:


Sorry guys. But the mod isn’t active as we know. :frowning:


I’m not sure if this mod will ever fully recover and come back. But I will say I will most likely make it support GHG’s new game.

News Update

I have done some more work and got the basis of a solid base mod maker.