[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


Just a few questions:

What is this made from?

Will you release the project file?

What version of .NET do you have.

What other programs do you have that may be compulsory to run your programs?


This is made from Visual Studio 2015,

I may.

Well 4.6.2

No other programs are needed or required to run the program.


which programming language do you use?


It uses C#


ok, I want to " promote " me to help you but this programming language I’m not familiar to me!


What programming experience do you have


Visual basic = bad
c++ = very bad
Ruby = Normal
JavaScript = very bad
Perl = good
C# = nothing


So I will not add you into my team.

You do not seem to have very good English.
You also say you have little to no experience in any form of C coding.
You say you have little experience in anything else as well.

Thank you for your offer but I cannot except.


its ok, I expected nothing else. I am still at school and i can not so good English because I am rather the mathematician.


Update 1.4.5 now Available



  • Source code editor now allows you to add whatever you want
  • Source code editor now has multiple files (Currently on code.js and properties.js) that are both fully editable


  • None that are really known of


  • Some UI now goes into its own window
  • All buttons are now white
  • All windows center themselves when opened.


Still not working :frowning:.


The Programm isnt working D:


I have no clue why it isn’t I am new to visual studio and C# i’ve looked this up countless times nothing shows up that fixes it.


@ShadowedDeath and @speedy_242

Try running as administrator (Right click the program and click Run as Administrator)
It could just be a signing problem.


Tried that already.


Is there any error that pops up?
What exactly happens when you try to launch it?
What program are you launching? (Swiftly Launcher, UMM)


I’ve tried both and when I click it nothing happens.


Do you have .Net Framework 4 installed?




I’ve searched all over the internet. Asked my friends who are techies or coders for C# and I can’t find a reason it shouldn’t work unless you don’t have the required .Net Framework or higher…

What version of windows are you using?