[WIP][TOOL]UltimateModMaker [New 1.0]


No the link leads to a place with multiple download links.

Simply click the RECOMMENDED button


when i click of the Recommended button open a website and than closed the website and than wars the switly luncher downloadet.


Just download from here: https://db.tt/7DieN69U


the download it worked, i used the .exe file,windows ask me if i die datei wirklich ausführen, i click yes, nothing


I’m not sure what the problem is with all this but I am working on a fix.


So yeah, I downloaded the recommended for windows (it’s the swiftly launcher), ran it and it unfocused my explorer window like it ran something and instantly closed it. Tried admin and compatibility - nothing.


my windows 10 say the programm isn’t compatible, although i have .net Framework 4.6 because windows 10 have this programm default and i have windows 10, so the requirements! have you another programm what you need?


I think I found the problem so just give me a little.


So I have added a new .dll to all the programs that may fix these bugs.

But you will have to download the launcher again it will not auto update this one time


Still not working.


try to reinstall .net?


Turns out the .net on my computer is stuffed so I have to reinstall windows 10.


Windows reset. .net reinstalled. And still nothing. BTW you can no longer uninstall .net and it comes automatically with Windows.


I have the new version downloadet but dont work it D:


Released source code


The sourcecode will have lots of errors on it because I was moving a bunch of stuff to different windows. So instead of one window we could have settings and custom code and stuff in there own windows.


I did not quite understand why you have the source code released , should be us to adjust it myself and who so how?


No going open source just means if people want the can take the code and change it or whatever


Are you going to fix the bug where it doesn’t work on Windows?


It’s working for me but I’m trying to find the problem out. It’s just hard to commit so much time to these stuff I have my girlfriend to commit my time to not this.

Thinking about looking for someone to join my team and help