[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


Strange, I thought I muted modding topics.

But I still get notifications.


OMG, people do not read post at all. it’s gone, it’s dead. probably forever (unless @Darkly is reincarnated)


this deserves the title of the most popular mod on GDT ever


I have worked on it temporarily before trying to get the mod running again and it worked before. If anyone wants me to make it run again just say it. I even fixed and added more fuctions to a version i never released.

i am ready to commit my self once more.


I think it would be worth fixing :slightly_smiling:


it is it is!

Last time i worked on it i found an error in the algorithim thats why one person was not losing money after a transaction. was pretty hard to fix but the game became more fun afterwards haha.


Agreed, this mod made the game so much more fun.


please fix


yes please fix it! :slightly_smiling:


Please do


Truth to be told i can fix this easily especially since theoretically Direct IP connecting still works.

But the serverlist requires me to buy a dedicated hosting for hosting a site which for now I will need to get my card from the bank running first haha. anyway ill update you guys really soon.


omg you’re amazing!
one question though, when i use this mod it says there is an update availeble even though its the newest, is that something you can fix as well?


The update server should have been dead. But ill see. 3 days of school left


any updates about the mod? is it going well?


it works fine, I just need to find a temporary server for hosting for now


There are actually servers out there that are conpletely free you just have to dig them up and there not huge or big servers but still free


if it works, are you going to fix the current futures and add more? :slightly_smiling:


what do you mean with it works fine? this download from this page?

EDIT: nevermind i think i just misread what you said…


for example, tradings broken, co develop is over powered in profits.


I fixed trading already in a previous patch, Co develop is really op for one side and i was trying to fix it before but exams game and i left the game for half a year so i forgot what i was doing