[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


If needed I can help or make the program for the server hosting.


I remember why i gave up before. I was waiting for the game owners to send me the unobfuscated code which i never recieved. Without such code it is hard to implement some things. I will try to work on it but on no guarantees that it will work. I really hope someone with the unobfuscated code or the game owners contact me about this.


If you ask for the code on that thing you have to notify the owners / creators of GDT that you did. Because supposedly they won’t check to see if anyone wants the code unless you tell them you filled out a forum


Alright thank you for informing me. I think I did message them before @ legal but i suppose ill try again.

Im making progress in any case. I just need to learn how to read this in obfuscated form for now.`


Really, The only thing that`s left for me to do is to figure out how it calculates how much each one earns
Then ill release it


Any new news? can we expect a download soon?


@Timjfjdd This version of the mod is dead and the developer has been inactive for almost 2 years.

You can get @Dumblelore’s patched version from here


The mods are dead on the forums, but they are active on steam workshop ^^ for anyone that might stumble upon this


So many of the mods on there are just re-uploads of someone else’s mod. There are numerous “Expansion Mod” mods, and many people will even straight up upload the modding API.


Excuse me but i am wondering if the mod even works. i have been trying to get it to work for a year now and i cannot figure it out. i can never connect to the servers and i realy want to try this out



Anyone have the documentation for the extensions/plugins that can be made for GDTMP? I’d really like to see what it’s capable of, but the links appear to be broken.


In the Nutshell:
The mod is dead for sure.


The mod is not dead yet, another guy from a another post fixed the mod, here it is, GDTMP-XD Reborn (Multiplayer Mod) [5.0.12]


sonic was wrong xD


Actually you’re wrong. You would lie to people that the mod always works, in fact i have told you many times to prove it. Instead you idiotically respond as a joke, a bad joke.

He only just gave the mod with minor fixes, the real problem would that there isn’t many people offering servers or its ISP wont cooperate. Assuming their monthly fees weren’t paid.


Lol it does work, if you had friends you would know.


Hello !I have a problem with the Server mod :

I can’t tick the case !


This is the old version of the mod.


When I want to download the mod on this page, I’m redirected on the ancient version. Can you give me a link to the new please ?


Man. I love you mod, but one thing is bad. When i trade with my friends, the money i give isn’t sent, it goes to the trash. I want give the money to they.


Wait, what servers are you playing?