[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


I am from Czech Republic. I decided to translate your mode into czech language so i edited german one and here is the czech one. https://mega.co.nz/#!gwsU3SBY!qaf4X8pgwSKWJdBXXpfp5t6DiO5SkvgJbkaVBbOyuNc
You must put this file into dmultiplayer/lang. And you have to set the game into czech language or it will not work.
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@BusterCZE as @KizzaGaming just said,(well actually “just” said it 12 days ago), the developer of this mod, Darkly, has been inactive for almost a year and there’s a slim chance he’s still developing the mod.


Oh sorry thats bad this mode is cool


How do I setup a Server?
I have port forwarded, and everything is perfectly fine.
I’ve even checked to see if my Ports are opened.

When I run the server, it always says
"Failed to get your public IP" or something like that in the DOS Window.
Could someone help?


I have the same problem.


Client 0.5.11b
This is a unofficial edit of the mod GDTMP

-Fixed Trading (0.5.11a)
-Temporary fix and usable by all to server list (0.5.11b)
-Removed dependency for mod folder

Server List
The Mod as of this version (0.5.11b) has two ways of getting the server list

  1. By placing a text file named servers.txt in the dmultiplayer folder with the formatting
    "," or “” if you only want one ip

2 By not placing anything it automatically loads a list of servers
You can add a server to the list by going to http://buzing.5gbfree.com/index.php


"failed to get your public IP’ is normal as i can still connect to my server
try connecting to for testing


Hey when I connect to my server through my public Ip I can connect. But then when my friend does he loses connection instantly, even when I’m not connected. I followed your instructions and port forwarded correctly so Idk whats up. Pls help


now people stahp


i would use this mod if mac was supported


hey my friend cant join his own server help plz


This is mod very outdated. That might be the issue.


What the shit happened when i was offline?


Everything happened, Lukas.


This is old, but err im wondering if there are still any working servers out there.




Is there any solution to run the server on linux?


Every time I offer to co-develop a game my friend clicks “accept” then the “make offer” button just appears again, help please.

EDIT: I can accept my friends offers, but he can’t accept mine.


the multiplayer mod is out dated


it sais that there is a new version of the mod when i startup the game, if i donwload that version, the same happens, if i ignore i dont see a way to connect to a server and the conect to server option is grayed out