[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


I used Vista before I had Windows 8… it’s not that bad,


With service pack 2 vista is ok, I switched back to XP before SP2 came out though :3


I HATE Vista. When I use it at my school, it like kind of buggy in a way. Like some things don’t work right on it. I also had to use Vista a while back in a family computer. But I prefer Windows 8 out of everything. At first I hated Windows 8, but once I got used to it about a year ago, I started loving it.


Connect using your Local IP. If you are hosting on your home network, others on your network need to use your Local IP. http://www.bobborst.com/tools/whatsmyip/


0.5.11 already? :dizzy_face:


Are you going to upload this mod to steam workshop? I know that there is one but i mean officially.


The guy who made this is on a holiday or something. A workshop version wont come out yet :slight_smile:


Maybe @Darkly is just on a well deserved holiday. Don’t count him out so quickly!


I wrote it in a bad way :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry. Gonna edit the post. That wasn’t what it was supposed to mean!


How does time synchronization works anyway?


@Darkly is dead. Let’s wait until he revives from the dead.


Verneri Code!

I’ve started a new continuation, and I will send you a template shortly!



if i start the server than ill get an error:

Failed to get your public ip
Failed to check for updates.

Can some one help me with that cause i want to host a public server for everyone!.


Bob “MrMdemiC” de Vries


Sounds like you haven’t allowed it to access to your firewall. You should get a popup about allowing it access, if not go to DuckDuckGo.com and search for “how to allow program access in windows firewall” or something.


the first time ive started it ill allowed it through my firewall??

thats the weird part


Well, your error was clearly an error with connecting to the network. You might have to turn off your firewall completely. Not forever, but while you host :slight_smile:


ill try later thanks :smiley:

is there gonna be an update to host the server on a linux system?? cause than ill gonna host it on a dedicated vps system!!


it’s official… @darkly ninja vanished to the moon


I am working on a Java version (runnable through command line) but I’m very busy atm! :slight_smile: Keep an eye on MultiDevTycoon instead.


im gonna keep track off it!!

thanks for the really quick response!!