[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


I did, it was never in the Mod_ws folder in the first place


You clearly put it it the mods_ws folder


I double checked, its not in the mod_ws folder the only thing there is “68679185_ExpansionPack”


Alright, now its saying “Failed to initialize dMultiplayer”


Reinstall the game and the mod. Now place it in the “mods” folder, not “mods_ws”


Still getting the error, I uninstalled GDT, got rid of the mod. Reinstalled the mod and GDT, followed the installation process (I put it in the mods folder) and I’m still getting the same errors


@Darkly has been gone for a while, try not using the mod until he comes back. Probably because he didn’t update his paths. (new update)


@Stian i thought that only affected the mod if it was on workshop?


I playd this yesterday and the Mod is very cool but today is a new GDT Version out and the mod is not going. Can you make a Update? :smiley:

P.S.: Sry for my bad Eng. I’ from Germany and my Eng is very bad. :stuck_out_tongue:



Give him time. Awesome mods need time. You don’t want errors anyway :smiley:


This is the Error xD


i got it to work with new update, pretty easy, takes 2 secs, i’m sure when darkly is back, it will be fixed quickly


Looks like everybody else didn’t read your thing entirely. Lol. Anyway the problem is it’s looking for mods_ws IN the dmultiplayer folder. What you need to do is go to the mods folder, make a dmultiplayer folder, make a mods_ws folder IN the dmultiplayer folder, then paste the ACTUAL mod in the mods_ws folder located in your dmultiplayer folder. Make sense?


for all of you who can’t be bothered/ don’t have the js knowledge…
this works with the latest update: https://www.mediafire.com/?6yosj66lx1aqo59


Taken from the “license”:

                        TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  1. You are allowed to fork this "Modification" and any related
     "Software" under this license (note the professional
     capitalization and quotation marks) as long as you actually add
     to or modify at least somewhat minorly significantparts of the
     "Source Code", including the name.

@Darkly is really nice with his licensing :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep get this in the console
[9:32:10 PM] Client (62) connected
[9:32:10 PM] Polling request returned, kicked client.


It’s the server list


anyone that try’s to join gets kicked


Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


It means that the server list is opened and that your server was in it.