[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


@967018 About your translation, do you want credit as “967018” or do you want another name? I’m wondering this because you translated the “currentLanguageTranslator” line instead of putting your name there.


Getting my new PC in two days, looking forward to make a plugin!


Somewhat unrelated-ish minor news: If you’re interested in seeing more from me other than GDT mods, I’ll hopefully be going to upload some retro game hacking videos on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks.


@Darkly is it possible to make a mod, but make it server side, so the client won’t need to do anything? for example would it be possible to make the cheatmod detection serversided




btw, @Darkly, I had this problem a while ago, (0.5.0 or such) but I can’t seem to host multiple servers on different ports and see them in the server browser. It’ll only show one or none. Other servers do appear though.


Sorry, I made a mistake. Into the 967018 on the line.


@Rex0099 Yes, it is possible to do that. Although there is already a server-side CheatMod check in the server itself (that is as easily bypassable as the detection in the client).

@tmch That is how the server that hosts the list of servers works unfortunately, but I think I can change it without having to push out another server update.

@967018 No problem, I’ll release the update now.


Darkly, why did my plugin file delete itself :stuck_out_tongue: It might be my fault, but I’m not entirely sure.


Client 0.5.11

  • Added Simplified Chinese translation by @967018!

Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8

@Stian Um, what? I’m pretty sure it’s your fault since no plugins should get deleted by themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… Doesnt Windows 8 give you a delete-confirmation? Ah well.


@Darkly Did you manage to fix that bug that i told you about that caused GDTMPExpansion to not work correctly??


Um… Darkly when I try to co develop a game with my friend nothing happens
When I ask him if there’s anything he said nothing
Also the same for me


@Darkly , are you going to update this with steam workshop support?



Can you add “Election Time” as a mod using multiplayer and “Election Time Plugin” as a .js plugin please? (to your list)

If you want to create a plugin then go watch these tutorials.


@Darkly would it be possible to add server.kick and server.ban, or does it already exist and isn’t in the documentation


It already exists and is in the documentation. See my tutorials.



@Stian thanks xD was looking at client documentation


Kind of having some issues with the mod :frowning: It was working but now it decided to not work.It says this when I start up GDT “Error Could not load mod one of the scripts C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Game Dev Tycoon/mods/dmultiplayer/mods_ws/dmultiplayer/inside/dmultiplayer.js is missing or invalid!”


You shouldn’t place it in mods_ws.

Place the mod in mods only.