[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


If you looking for a new Turkish translator, just contact with me. :slight_smile: I want to help this awesome mod.


Right now it’s not neccesary but I’ll contact you if I update the mod and can’t reach the Turkish translator :slight_smile:


Im not a wizard at javascript but I wanted to suggest an Idea to you:

Maybe Company Could have their own logo im not sure how you’d do it but pls reply your thoughts.


mh, possible but awkwardly annoying to do


Alright, so how do plugins work? Been on vacation, sorry.


allows you to do stuff directly to the C# code, if pureServer still exists.


Ah, thank you. Election Time just got mezzy.



  • Added .NET extension support! (see documentation)
  • Greatly expanded JS plugin possibilities by adding more functions and events! (see documentation)
  • Added a plugin/extension form in the GUI
  • Plugins/extensions no longer load automatically unless they are enabled through the GUI or the “enableplugin [filename]”/“disableplugin [filename]”/“enableext [filename]”/“disableext [filename]” commands, former run/stop commands have been removed
    . Player count is now shown in the GUI window title
  • More information is now shown in the “playerinfo [player]” command result
  • Added “playermods [playerid]” command that returns a list of the specified player’s enabled mods
  • Fixed a bug where the GUI would freeze during multithreaded console writes
  • Minor general improvements and optimizations

I’ve also cleaned up the code a bit… but just a tiny, tiny bit. I’m honestly tired of working on this though. (My next open-source project, don’t ask what it is whether you’re an alien or my best friend, which I’m going to start working on later is going to be commented and much cleaner.)

Download the software here.

Source code is here.

@Olin3D I’ll consider that for later :slight_smile:


Is a JS plugin file got a special format, or do you just start with ‘addCommand’ and not ‘function()’?


Not sure I understand what exactly you mean? You don’t need to enclose the plugin code in a function. Just write the stuff right in like in the examples which are fully working as they are.

Or are you wondering if you have to define a function before addCommand uses it? The answer for that is no, but I suggest you do that since it’s good practice.


Client 0.5.10

  • Fixed error when co-developing a game without an engine

Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8/

I just realized I told @KizzaGaming I’d fix this bug 2 weeks ago. Whoops, sorry!


Can you give me an example of a plugin file without any functions in it yet?


make a new file called 'plugin.js’


In normal modding you need function() at the start.


To execute a piece of code you should need to use (function(){})(), I guess.


Server using wrong IP address

I have VMWare installed so there are two virtual network adapters on my system in addition to my regular wifi adapter. Whenever I try to run the server software it detects the last network adapter IP listed which is one of the two VMWare virtual networking adapters (it correctly identifies my external IP).

Is there a way to have the server allow me to select the IP I want / force the IP I want it to run on?


Simplified Chinese translation:


@Stian @tmch You don’t need that part. In GDT modding I’m pretty sure you put your code in an anonymous function to prevent other mods from accessing your variables, however in this case they they won’t be able to anyway.

@PaulSpoerry That shouldn’t be a problem. The server may incorrectly refer to a virtual adapter when detecting your local IP, but it will still function as usual. This means:

  • You will still be able to direct connect with localhost or
  • Other people on your LAN will still be able to connect using your real local IP
  • If you have port forwarded, her people on the internet will still be able to connect with your public IP or by using the server browser if you have that enabled

@967018 Thanks a lot! I’ll check it out, and if everything is fine, I’ll push it out in an update very soon :slight_smile:


@Darkly Odd, it never shows in the list but you’re right… I can direct connect. THANKS!


You’re welcome! The server that hosts the list for the server browser screws up sometimes, which could be why it’s not showing up.