[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


What caused the bug?


I didn’t read the GDT source code properly and thought I had to multiply the sales every week, but that caused them to just keep increasing so I changed it to just buff the first week and that worked.

I know I tested the feature before to make sure it wasn’t bugged, so I’m not sure how I missed it. But whatever.


y u fix this amazing feature. :frowning:


I am having an issue with the server. I have done the port-forwarding part, and other people can join my server. But for some reason I can’t join my own server? I can’t see it in the list, I can see other people joining. What the?


Try direct connecting to localhost


Thank you, you are a God.


Not any God. he is the God :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait for the next server update. wink wink



Prepare for something awesome that @tmch has created for all server hosts :stuck_out_tongue:

[spoiler]…as soon as I have the time to test some modifications to the library his feature uses! (Surely within an hour or two, typing this from my phone)[/spoiler]



  • Added plugin support by @tmch (with some small modifications by me)!

Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8 Source code: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kl0zhlhlxd24ecq/dmultiplayersrv-140710-

You’ll have to wait a bit 'til I upload a plugin development/installation tutorial…


yaaay! It’s out!.. Nice modifications to the original code ^.^


@Darkly Help please:


@MrRain Thanks for reporting it!

Client 0.5.9

  • Fixed error when someone tries to sabotage you but fails, or sabotages you with a custom sabotage option

Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8/

Aaaaaand here’s the plugin and macro documentations! I should’ve mentioned that the previous update included macros too xD

P.S. I should also mention that new commmands were added in the last server update: c, runmacro, runplugin, and stopplugin (which are mentioned in the documentation). See the help command for details on their syntaxes.

…count how many times I said “mention”.



Thanks for the fix! I have a request or an idea for the mod.

As you know, the chat area is opened with “T” key but, all the game announcements n such appear in there as well and it makes it really difficult to read the chat at times.

I was wondering if you could make a chat box, or if you could highlight/bold the chat text so it can be easier to understand.


@Darkly Is it possible to add delays and loops to the macros? I want to create a macro which will send a message every 5 mins, like “Please check out the server owner’s twitter, @KizzaGaming” and “Be sure to check out the mods made by the server owner” for example?


iirc, there is a checkbox that allows you to only show chat messages.


you can do it by using plugins;

function xn(){
Server.runCommand(“msg Please check out blahdehblah”);
setInterval(xn, 5601000);


Oh, so people would need my plugin to see the server messages


@MrRain There is a checkbox like @tmch said, and there are also plans for an in-game box similar to ChatMod’s.

And no @KizzaGaming they don’t need to install anything as the plugin doesn’t send any custom data. You just paste tmch’s code into a file that ends with “.js” which you put in the plugins folder of the server, then you start it.


can’t wait… going to try make a admin tools mod (not sure how to do it… but that’s why i wanted to know if it was able to request if the player is “operator”)