[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


If you and @Darkly teamed up, we can get the new mega-modders!


@Darkly, could you add a function called


that would trigger when someone discovers your sabotage.


But…What if the cake is a lie


I want you to survive - it totally wasn’t me who set you out on this!


@tmch Nice, if you have any larger modifications and you want to add them to the official release, I can set up a GitHub for this :slight_smile:
@Stian Will do!


While you’re on it, it would be useful with atTrade function too. (legal work under a trade :P)


Just saying (Obviously a little late due to inactivity) Congratz on 1K replies! :smiley:


When I start the game I get the message “Couldn’t retrieve server list”. I have the client mod installed, do we need the server mod for a LAN game? What IP do we use in the Direct Connect box, the router or the other player’s local IP?


@Stian I’ll add these functions: dMultiplayer.addPreReceiver(dataid, receiverfunction) and dMultiplayer.addPostReceiver(dataid, receiverfunction) so you will be able to hack the trading receivers (I will explain more later)

@XxGamingTownxX Thanks!

That probably happened due to an issue with the server that hosts the server list. It seems to be fixed now.

Yes, you need to run the server software to host games, whether on LAN or on the public internet. To connect, you use the host’s local IP.


@Darkly Nice one, sorted!


@Stian About the function/event/trigger/whatever when someone discovers your sabotage, you can already make that possible yourself by using dMultiplayer.sendCustomData in your receiverFunction of a custom sabotage. (So I won’t add it)


Client 0.5.7

  • You will be able to sell more games (and earn more money) when co-developing games now
  • Added even more API features for modders (see documentation)
  • Better server-side save handling
  • Better stats display handling
  • Better highscore handling
  • Made player list a little bit larger
  • Updated Swedish translation
  • Fixed trading not working again (code typo, derp)
  • Fixed a bunch of code typos
  • Compatibility with server
  • 3 new strings to translate :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Updated port checking method to work with Fleck
  • Better security
  • Fixed not sending new settings after updating them from the GUI

Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8/


Hey, whats wrong with my divs here?

var div = $("body"); 
div.append('<div id="politicsDiv" class="windowBorder tallWindow" style="overflow:auto;display:none;"> <div id="test" class="windowTitle smallerWindowTitle">Test</div>'); 
div = $("#politicsDiv"); 
var politics_context = function () { 
                    label: "Poltiics...", 
                    action: function () { 
                        var div = $("#politicsDiv"); 
                            popout: !0, 
                            close: !0 


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Lol, sorry. I was stuck with this all week because the forum was down!.. (you are basically a dependency, lol)




dis is scyberbulling


Here’s the link to the picture of said bug I describe below.

I’d like to report a major gamebreaking bug: Whenever you co-develop a game, and then release it on an un-reloaded save to the market, your money and sales infinitely goes upward.


How can you not be happy with infinite money?

That is a problem with the sales I see, so probably something with the code for ‘more sales’. I’m guessing.

EDIT: What? Rank 8? @PatrickKlug! @DanielKlug! When a game sells more than the worlds population, it should at least be rank 2.


Client 0.5.8

  • Fixed co-game sales endlessly skyrocketing
  • Fixed error(?) when someone releases a game with the same genre that you are developing
  • Fixed “-undefined” appearing as a second genre (when there is only one) at co-dev request dialogs since the last update

Thanks a lot @Marsh for reporting the bug! :slight_smile: I don’t know how I let that one slip by.

Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8