[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


It’s probably an issue with the server itself or with the people joining. Mod still works great for me. :wink:


Try joining with your local IP.


0.3.3 (The Second Second Bug Fix Update)

  • You can now use the “switch server” button even if you aren’t connected to a server
  • The player list is now automatically hidden when you aren’t connected to a server
  • When you get disconnected from a server, the game now resumes in offline mode instead of closing (unless you were kicked).
  • Added “reconnecting…” message when switching server
  • Fixed timesync causing issues early in the game (thanks @brudertack82 for finding and fixing the bug)
  • Fixed “DOM Exception 11” popping up rarely when connecting/switching to a server.
  • Further optimizations to how time synchronization works early in the game

Download: heeeeeeeeeeeere

Let's celebrate this update with a quote that is related to what is happening right now:


Hello! Sorry, but I got a question. Is there a way to remove custom consoles made by other players from a savegame? Because I can’t use my current savefile anymore because of that :<


Now it just doesn’t synchronize at all. It is just like before timesync existed. timesync is definitely set to true in the settings.


They should go away automatically if you don’t join a server. You could’ve also backed up your saves).

That’s probably a code typo on my part, I’ll fix it soon.


@jeremyglebe I’m not experiencing any issues with timesync. What year are you/other people on the server on? Time synchronization isn’t supposed to start before Y1 M6 W1.



  • Fixed window closing when getting disconnected from a server
  • Even more timesync optimizations

  • Fixed “couldn’t kick client” message popping up even though the client is online
  • Tweaked error messages
  • Minor preperations for the optional GUI that will be included in

**[url=http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8]downloadify here[/url]**



  • Optimized disconnection messages
  • Updated the version number :wink:



@Darkly, 3 years later:



  • Fixed everything (I hope)

Hey Darkly!
There are still a lot of bugs… like blahblahblah




Nah, don’t worry, this is the last update for 0.3.x… oh wait I already said the same thing about the last 3 updates…

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When are you going to release the 0.4.x update?


When it’s ready, no ETAs because I’ve barely started working on it :wink:

0.3.0 took about 7-9 days to complete and 0.4.0 will probably take longer because it will (likely) be a larger update. And obviously I can only allocate a small fraction of my time to work on the update.


Sneaky peeky…


@KizzaGaming, browsing the forum at the speed of light!




Great work on continuously improving the mod!


Hey @Darkly, i see myself when i joined a server. Is this a bug?


Yes, it is a bug that will be fixed in the next version. You were probably disconnected improperly.