[WIP] Extended GRID

Extended GRID wants to add a little flavour to the ingame research ‘Codename GRID’. Events, research and platforms are all in there!

Available in the workshp!

The project has been restarted. Its gonna be awesome. Ah yeah.

I will update this post more when I get the workshop version ready.


Nice mod tho. When this mod will release Mr. @Stian??

Tomorrow, I believe :slight_smile:




This version only got a basic number of features.

was this made with UME, or did you code it?

I coded it myself :slight_smile: But I used the API documentation :slight_smile:

oh, nice

(P.S. Thanks for the quick response, that almost never happens XD)

You see, I was waiting for feedback on the first version of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this what you needed help for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes :slight_smile:

Next update is right around the corner, and thanks to @Darkly you should be able to enable this mod on your multiplayer server in a few patches :slight_smile: Changelog:

  • Fixed crash at achievement earn
  • Added engine research, “GRID Support”
  • Pirating!

Heya @Stian

Please feel free to list your mod on this page using the template provided


  • Fixed crash at achievement earn
  • Engine research ‘GRID Support’
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No offence, but a mod like this wouldn’t be added in those mods. It would most likely to be added in the camalot mod by @SirEverard and…ummmmm…i don’t remember.

Integration aka bridging.

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I will create bridges from those mods. I got permission from Darkly at least.

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What do you mean by bridging?

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A bridge is bascially connecting two mods. A bridge between this mod and competitor mod, bascially means that I can fire events with elements from the other mod.

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In next update:


  • GRID Machine!
  • Fixed bug: “achievement activating slowly and you have to create a new game to activate”
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