[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


I And @MrRain Were talking about that T_T


Does anyone know how to turn off the visual aspect of this mod? I liked the vanilla graphics better.

Nothing appears in Menu >> Settings >> Visuals – it is blank.


Coming in the next update.


Can you post the things you want to implement in the next version for us now?

And, can you please consider my idea in post 292?


I have already spoken to Kristoff he will be adding some API to his mod. At the moment I have limited time so I am concentrating on adding new features to the UL and they will be demonstrated in Camelot.

The next update to Camelot will not be a big one. Mainly a maintenence update I will be adding some setting controls but other than that there will not be many changes.

Near future updates will include some more graphical changes, improvements on Grid and probably some new advanced researches/events.


can you fix the starting money issue. due when i choose another money besides 70k

it will not work. any suggestions? or is that a bug?


This is with the latest Camelot and UL correct?


The graphics of this mod are great. Will we ever see your graphics as a standalone ‘skin’ mod?


Yes the graphics in this are more for testing purposes for the UltimateLib I’m working on a full skinning api and controller for it.
I will be releasing a number of Dynamic skins that change based on your gameplay during GDT so yes :stuck_out_tongue: Long term though.


Sounds great! Very tempted to make a skin myself :smile:


Yes it is.


Seems to work for me, possible I fixed it and forgot about it.
Will be in the next update. Probably end of the week.


You should add the ability to re-release an old game made on one of the older platforms (TES for example) and re-release it on the WUU or NUU


I am Having problems with having the mod show up in my mods folder. I’m using the non steam version and i clicked on the download button and i ploped it into my mods folder along with the API and the required Ultimatelib mod. i also have the latest versions of them both


I don’t think you can use mods with the non-steam version.

Check out the faq



@SirEverard @jordanfmunro You can use mods on non-steam version :smiley:


Hey you! I was just typing the same thing. >.<




Mod support is available for Windows and Mac users via Steam and Standard editions.


@Charlie Ahh okay. So is it on the windows store version that does not support mods?

@jordanfmunro Hope you have worked out what you did wrong? Did you unzip the files?