[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


well i think, i shut down other mods, but after restart they again highlighted blue, after deleting mods files game just crash


It sounds like you’re trying to start a game which uses a save state that used Camelot without Camelot being active.
Ok… try to setup a clean environment for the game:

  1. Quit the game
  2. Rename the “Local Storage” folder as shown before
  3. Disable Steam Cloud (you should already)
  4. Start the game
  5. Go to “Mods”
  6. Enable “Camelot” (UltimateLib is selected automatically)
  7. Make sure that you’re using Camelot and UltimateLib 1.1.0
  8. Restart game (quit and start)

You could also try to start the game without Steam, by simply executing the GameDevTycoon.exe located in Steam\SteamApps\common\Game Dev Tycoon.


i arleady deleted local storage (and i click “new” instead of just clicking on main screen)


How do I know this is working? I have this mod installed along with UltimateLib 1.1.0, but I don’t see the option menu that you say this mod should have – you know, length of game, starting money, etc. How do I access that?


Did you unzip the camelot zip into your mods folder?

It will be on the mods list.
The extra options will appear in the advanced settings panel.


Grid - Best Money Farm EVAR!

I Had 1,5B, Then BOOM! 4,5B

EDIT: That was beginning,
198B BOOM 988B


BOOM 144T.

That’s as far as I can abuse the Grid before it slows down and crashes my game.


Now I Have 50T, and that’s it.
Lag, and DED


@supersamuel @Haxor
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OK, sorry for it. I’m not doing it anymore…


@SirEverard, you can maybe work together with @kristof1104, integrate their mod to yours and add competition to your mod…


The Mod Is great but for 1 Issue. For some reason The Picture Things while making a game doesn’t appear.


Your mod is working with UltimateLib 1.2.0? Because on year 8 I restarted the game and it sad that UltimateLib is not defined (UltimateLib was active on mods list) and your mod stopped working


Oh and lots of typos start coming on the reviews


For me I can’t see any topics it comes up with an error everytime i try to make a game


@legions5678 Sounds like you haven’t installed the mod properly. Redownload and install again. Make sure you copy all of the files over.

@supersamuel Yes the mod is working with 1.2.0 of UltimateLib. Restart the whole game again it should work. If not then you have not installed UltimateLib properly. I would advise reinstalling it.

@legions5678 Typos in the reviews?? No idea what you are talking about this has nothing to do with my mod or UltimateLib.

@Hanzi2u Do you have screenshots or information on the error or I can’t help you. But it does not sound related to Camelot or UltimateLib


it’s fixed now :slight_smile:


Then Maybe its the Tweaks Mod Cause I clustered all the mods you recommended together if that’s a problem tell me.


I have one Idea, add a Lab research that decreases the amount that your graphics consume on the percentage on the Game Dev, (You know, when do like 3D V7 and put nothing on the graphics bar, the graphics stays with a percentage, meaning that this section will stay incomplete) and add the option to research it again and again and again, so after a lot of researches the graphics will consume no percentage


hey there

nice work with the mod

i noticed an grave bug/inballanceing in theend game when u get grid when u doo all sliders too the max and adjust the budget to the max and again to dthe max when u have more money u get to the point when gid is generating soo much money that the game kkeps feezinng up for me so i got to do alt-f4 and loose all proges and have to edit the save file since gid is generatiln triillions in income when the budget is to the max i got some grid profits like 1 trilion and more when i had like 3 billions money when i editet my save and gafe grid a budget like in the 10 millions range it silll rcreated profits from 0,5 billion to 2 billons

and yeah i mean BILIONS and TRILLIONS

greetings Smeagol