What are your best created games?

Created by Ubiloft co.
Yeah it’s a combination between Ubisoft and Gameloft
NOTE: please note that I modded my game, so there might be some topics that you won’t recognize.
Here is a list of my best games, rated 7.25 and up.

  • Invasion - 8.25

  • Enter The Dungeon - 7.5

  • Cave Of Wonders - 7.5 (this game is a sequel to ‘Enter The Dungeon’)

  • Game #7 - 7.25 (yeah I realised I didn’t name it xD)

  • Vanishing On 7th Street - 8.25

  • The High Castle - 9.75
    Alt. History/RPG

  • Fall Of The Hills - 9 (it’s a pretty bad name for such a quality game)

  • Vanishing On 7th Street 2 - 9.5 (even know it has a high rating, it was really bad at sales)

I skipped some 7s and 8s because there were so many!!!
Anyway, what are your highest selling or highest rated games that you have made?

(just realized there aren’t any topics here you won’t recognize)

  • Dr. Shit - 9.25

  • Billy Loser - 10

  • Shitty Business: Pep in the toilet - 8.75

And a lot more which I don’t remember. :wink:

What in the hell are these names?
And one of them got a 10 :laughing:. My bad games are the ones that have great names :confused:

I have a really stupid sense of humor and couldn’t think of any good names at the time.

I got an 11/10 with a game called “Potato Mashing Simulator”

No joke.


Of course you got an 11/10, who doesn’t like mashing potatoes?

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It’s okay, you can ask me for great names. Here are some examples:

  • Wack-a-Doodle-Do
  • Chilli Master
  • Poop Mash Party
  • (and my most creative name) Buy Sheep And Sell Hi Simulator

Just contact me if you want any good name :wink:

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Of course you got 11. All high quality games contain potatoes :smiley:


Those are really good names. By the way, how do ‘The Bami Pan-Gang’ and ‘Jackie Gang’ sound? Both are names for games which involve a gang.

They sound great! But you need to add some more realism to the titles, you know what I mean? Like ‘Bami-Pan GangstaZ’ or ‘Jackie Chan’s Chinese Gang For Chinese People’.

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Those sound great, thanks for the tips. :wink:

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Anytime :slight_smile:
Just contact me whenever you need a good title.

Mine where.
DAMNIT BUGS - 3.1 [This was a very buggy game]



Mega Dude 7.5 (A bootleg of Mega Man)

Some of the topics are mods

I will.

Why no one ever uses serious titles!? WHY?? But seriously, these names are cool… if you want to mess up your company.
Actually, I want to make a new company and mess it up with 1, 1, 1, 1 rated games. I want to use very, VERY random topics with VERY random genres and random settings TO THE EXTREME!
I want to see what happens when I go bankrupt… it never happened, why do I have to be so good at games!? WHY???

One, this is just a game of course. :smile:
Two, Why the heck not? :smiley:
When im not livestreaming from Twitch, i sometimes use the IRL ( In Real Life ) Game Titles and see what results i get :slight_smile:

If your willing to do so, i suggest starting with this mod. [WIP] Platform Randomiser Alpha 0.0.5[quote=“Steven_Rochfort, post:15, topic:21900”]
I want to see what happens when I go bankrupt.

Simple, once you Reached Negative Fifty Thousand Dollars [ -50K ], You will get a Game Over Screen thats says…

If i remember correctly, if the Player have fans and when bankrupted, there would be an additional line saying that they are disappointed that a company brought your own company.

Its Either,
One, The Game is too easy.
Two, You have skills :slight_smile:
Besides, i do think there is a mod which bumps up the difficulty.

Thanks for the mod, and I also sometimes use IRL titles.

Anyway, what are your best games?

No joke, this happened to me last time I played GDT (almost 7 months now). Anyyyway I started to anually release Duty of Call ™ and it just went from Duty of Call 2 which had superb ratings (can’t remember them) to Duty of Call Ghost which had the lowest rating I ever had in a game

Duty of Call Ghost had the lowest rating? Can’t argue with that :wink: