What are your best created games?


Yeeahh… Should go back to that save and make Duty of Call Infinite Warfare :wink:


But make sure you ignore the development stage hints, just like what Activision did :wink:


Of course, surely fans will love it :wink:
If only I could sell them another game for 20 bucks more


In the future, when I become a better modder, I will create the Activision mod which adds disappointment, ignoring fans, creating games packed with remasters for more money and the love of money! Plus, in this mod, you can become the next EA :wink:


Oh golly that sounds fun. Just be sure not to call it Activision ™ mod because they will go after your ass in court :wink:
Also, GHG made that mod themselves, I think its called GDT shareholder edition or something like that


Of course, it was april fools but oh well


Every Call of Duty:
9/10 - Gud gud, 360 noscope. - IGN

Every good game:
5/10 - No 360 noscope und me no get paycheck. - IGN

  • Gulag 9.5

  • Where in Amsterdam is Anne Frank 8.75

  • Sum Ting Wong 8.25

My Two worst

  • Shekl Monsters 4.75
    Virtual Pet/Simulation

  • Musolini Says 4


This is so good.


Musolini Says? xD


Seriously xD


The only ones I remember being good is my “Dragons” series which I imagine is MGS but with realistic mechanics and, of course, different stuff, my most successful was the last game which was for PC, PS5 and my custom console. (Screw xbox next)


My new games!
Pokemon Pizza-7.75
Card Game/Strategy

My dad is cool-6

Camila’s AF Simulator-8.75
AF Is Animated Fashion

The Worst that the planet could offer

BDA Fighting Club-3.25
Martial Arts/Adventure
BDA Means Bad Deviant Art

Money pls-1


Haha. :smiley:


Screw xbox next is a great name! Since I am a Playstation fan…


I can’t understand if that’s sarcasm but I’m going to guess it is.


It’s title indicates that you want to milk the money out of your fans. Business/Action? What were you thinking of? xD


Well, I AM a Playstation fan. And yes, IT IS sarcasm.


I prefer Nintendo, especially with the Switch coming out, but it makes me wonder, will Tavern Keeper be on the Switch with motion control support???


GHG are not considering console releases, or at least for now.