Swedish Translation / Svensk översättning! We're finally finished, 100%!


Nearly there! Just 10% of the translation left…


We’re finished with the Swedish translation now, today! :smiley:
When are you going to add it into the game? I want to see how it looks like! I’m so exited :stuck_out_tongue:


:clap: bra jobbat



@DanielKlug can you pull this into the Steam beta?


Are you going to add it today?


Bra gjort! :clap:


Tack! :smiley:


@mrbengtsson I will try to get it ready today but at least tomorrow it will be added.

Swedish Translation Feedback / Svensk översättnings feedback

Swedish translation (beta) is now available with the steam version. (Linux, Mac and Windows)


Hey Guys, We will need you to let us know if you would like to be listed in the credits and which category you fit into from Moderators, Top contributors and quality assurance.
E.g.; mrbengtsson - Moderator. Thanks! :smile:


MrBengtsson, Namenjia - Moderators and quality assurance

ciph, Elin Lundbäck - Top contributors


Many thanks! :smile: