Swedish Translation / Svensk översättning! We're finally finished, 100%!


It doesn’t need to be game translation experience, just translation experience. Also enough time and knowledge of both english and native language idioms so that the translation retains the quality of the original text.


We can do it! We tried to translate it by just looking at it, and it worked fine. I have both time and knowledge on both the languages.

If you unlock the Swedish language I can start with it today.

Btw, my name is same on the translation page as here at the forums.


If you want proof on that we can translate just wait and see.


Ok ok i relent! your enthusiastic I will give you that. We are creating a Swedish page and i have promoted you to Moderator. Knock yourself out and we look forward to seeing your progress :wink:
Tack så mycket!


Can you make @Namenjia to a moderator too?
He will help me with the translation.

He has the same username at the translation page too.

Btw I’ve translated about 20% in 6 hours, isn’t that good?


Ok have updated @Namenjia to moderator and yes your translations look great and thats great progress!


Thanks @Charlie. I will start to translate it today. :smile:



I have been playing Game Dev Tycoon for a while now, and I really love the game :smiley:. I would love to contribute to the game in any way I can. As it happens to be I have been working for a few years with translations for a large technology company, to translate English into Swedish. I am fluent in both languages and Swedish is my native language.

I am now asking for moderation privileges so that I can complete the Swedish translations :wink:


User Ciph 0100 has been upgraded to Moderator :smile:
Thanks for the help!


Cool, thanks :wink:


Hmmm do I need any special characters for the letters Å Ä Ö, which is used frequently? Which text format is used?


Å Ä Ö will work fine as they are. All special characters are supported afaik!


Alright is this something that changed recently? Because I find several translations which looks something like this:
H�rdvarutillverkare runt om i v�rlden blev f�rv�nade idag som Govodore, skaparen av den popul�ra G64, har ans�kt om konkurs.{n}Govodore misslyckades med att introducera dyrare alternativ och var tvungen att st�nga av produktionen av G64. Plattformen kommer att avg� fr�n marknaden {0}.

Which should look like this:
Hårdvarutillverkare runt om i världen blev förvånade idag eftersom Govodore, skaparen av den populära G64, har ansökt om konkurs.{n}Govodore misslyckades med att introducera dyrare alternativ och var tvungen att stänga av produktionen av G64. Plattformen kommer att avgå från marknaden {0}.

edit: I just want to make sure I dont mess something up.


Educated guess - whoever wrote them before was using a different encoding to what’s expected. I assume UTF-8 is what’s wanted, maybe UTF-16.


Hey guys, How is it going? Do you need anything? :smile:


Everything’s fine Charlie! :wink: Only 33% left of the translation.


I’ve noticed that you can test your translation in the game but I don’t understand how that works…


Once you get the project completed we will implement it as a beta and you can test it in game :smile:


Ok. Keep up the good work with an awesome game!


Keep up the good work with the awesome translations :wink: