Swedish Translation / Svensk översättning! We're finally finished, 100%!

Hello everybody! Hallå allihopa!

The Swedish translation of the game is complete.

We are currently waiting for Greenheart Games to add our translation in the next version of Game Dev Tycoon! (Version 1.4.7)

I didn’t even know there was a Swedish language :confused:

There isn’t? This is new to me :smiley:

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Anyone who wants a swedish language that can help? :wink:

I could help since im from Sweden :slight_smile: Also im good at grammar etc so it’s fine that way :slight_smile:

Good! We just need some more to help with the translation

I’d love to have the game translated into swedish! (would make stuff easier for playing with kids aswell)
If anything were to happen i’d love to be a part of it aswell!

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If you need any more help let me know!

Good, now we just need to get Patrick to see this topic so we can translate!

For the translation to start we need at least two competent moderators (with prior translation experience). This is to make sure that started translations have a high chance of succeeding with a good quality.

I could help you with the translation.

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I can help, I am from sweden.

I can help out too. I’m a native Swede and speak/write English fluently.

I can help out.

I would like to help you out with this too if you need too.
I am good at grammar and spelling. And I write english every day too.

Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?
Do you have at least 2 moderators with previous experience and enough active members to participate?

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We are ready!

Namenjia and i are ready to translate, everyone that wants to help us with the translation can help.

Do you or @Namenjia have any previous experience of translation?

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I don’t think so many gamers have that…
Not so many Swedish gamers have translated a game Before…

But if you still want decent good translators that translate at all, we’re in!

I can be a moderator @Charlie.